Taiwanese prosecutors blame foreman for train accident that left 51 dead | World

The train that derailed would have hit a truck that served the building under construction.

For the investigators, the truck was not properly parked on a slope and ended up on the track.

This was the most serious train accident in seven decades.

The train had about 500 passengers. He was traveling from Taipei, the country’s capital, to Taitung, on the east coast of the island, when he derailed inside a tunnel, near the city of Hualien.

In addition to the dead, 188 were injured, 41 of whom remain hospitalized.

Prosecutors had asked to detain the foreman for having been negligent, according to a Justice representative.

The head of works, Lee Yi-hsiang, paid a bail of US $ 17,500 (about R $ 100,000), and cannot leave the city of Hualien.

Justice has said it is a case that will evaluate negligence, and there is no possibility of a conspiracy charge.

The head of the Hualien city prosecutor’s office, Yu Hsiu-duan, said the decision was against the prosecutor’s office.

Relatives of the victims went to the accident site on Saturday. The youngest victim was 6 years old and the oldest, 79.

Part of the train started to be removed, but there are still wagons inside the tunnel (according to firefighters, there are probably more bodies in that tunnel).

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