“Everyone is invited”. A British woman’s call to eradicate the ‘culture of rape’ in the UK – News

The 22-year-old founded the website “Everyone’s Invited” in June 2020, after reporting on Instagram her own experience of sexual harassment.

“It all started during my teenage years,” he explains in an interview with AFP near his London apartment. “It seemed almost impossible for me to grow and evolve in an environment where, in my opinion, the culture of rape was widespread,” he admits. After some positive reactions, “I felt that I was not alone”, she adds.

Like the #MeToo movement for women, its website has given young people the word about events that have often gone unpunished, within the framework of the UK school environment.

Education Minister Gavin Williamson called the charges “scandalous and heinous” and his ministry has already contacted “Everyone’s Invited”.

The site now records thousands of anonymous testimonials, especially from girls, who say they have been confronted with misogynistic words, inappropriate touches or violations, committed by classmates or teachers.

For some, it was the first time that they expressed themselves. “Our initial objective was to reveal the culture of the violation and I have the impression that, somehow, we did it,” says Soma Sara.

“This is crazy. It is fantastic to see all these reactions, and to see that the British media support this cause,” he says. The young woman points out that when she created the site, it was difficult to “understand that this is a problem or even a reality”.

Many of the testimonies refer to sexual assaults when the victims were drunk or were committed by people they trusted. For this very reason, many of the victims blame themselves for what happened and never reported the facts or, when they did, they were called liars or “sluts”.

For Soma Sara, this shows that “we live in a culture of shame that stigmatizes sexual violence”.

The complaints have multiplied especially since the disappearance and death of Sarah Everard, a 33-year-old Londoner, who deeply shocked the country and started a debate on violence against women.

A London police agency has been charged with kidnapping and murder.

Initially, the media were particularly interested in the cases of the prestigious private schools mentioned in “Everyone’s Invited”. But for Soma Sara, who attended a boarding school for daughters of famous personalities in central England, Wycombe Abbey, the phenomenon is universal and “not limited to the United Kingdom”.

“I really liked that the subject was dealt with internationally”, he comments, acclaiming the teenagers to have the “courage” to denounce such behaviors.

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