An intense work pace and lack of bathrooms. Amazon recognizes that drivers have to urinate in bottles during shifts |

“We know that our drivers may have trouble finding toilets because of traffic or being on rural roads, and particularly because of covid-19, many public toilets have been closed,” the company said in a statement released on Friday.

The controversy started last week because of a Democratic House of Representatives member, Mark Pocan, who said in a message posted on the social network Twitter that “paying $ 15 an hour” does not make Amazon a “progressive place for work”.

“No, when you force your employees to urinate in plastic bottles,” he concluded.

The company responded directly to Pocan on its official Twitter account, stating that Pocan should not believe this “pee in bottles” story.

“If it were true, no one would work for us,” argued Amazon.

However, testimonies from company employees that confirmed this practice appeared in various media, and The Intercept said it had obtained internal documents that certify that it was known to those responsible for Amazon.

In the workers’ reports, it was said that the pace of work imposed in the company was the main factor for the lack of time to go to the bathroom.

“We owe Congressman Pocan an apology,” the company said in a statement, acknowledging that its response on Twitter was “incorrect, did not take drivers into account and focused on what is happening in distribution centers”, where workers can “leave their post at any time” to go to the “dozens of bathrooms” they have at their disposal.

The problem affecting Amazon’s drivers is longstanding and “widespread across the industry,” said the company, acknowledging that it does not know how to solve it but is committed to “looking for solutions”.

Mark Pocan responded by stating that the problem is not with you but with workers to whom Amazon does not give “respect and dignity”.

“Start by recognizing the inappropriate working conditions you have created for all of your workers,” he appealed.

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