Baby born with three penises

Baby born with three penises
Baby born with three penises

An Iraqi baby is now writing medical history after being born with three penises. It reports the Iraqi doctors Shakir Saleem Jabali and Ayad Ahmad Mohammed in the research database Science Direct.

Being born with multiple penises is extremely rare, occurring once every 5-6 million births. To date, 100 cases of double penises have been reported.

However, the triple penis has never been reported. For now.

Penis on children’s TV

Operated away

Saleem Jabali writes in the report that the baby came to the hospital three months old, with swelling in the abdomen. Then the doctors discovered two extra penises.

They both had a fungal body and luster, but lacked urethra.

“Both the extra penises were cut off, and the wounds were sewn back with a self-dissolving material,” it says.

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The boy, who is from Duhok in the north of the country, is expected to avoid side effects from the rare condition. However, he needs follow-up classes to see that everything works as it should.

Ga ut penisbok

Doctors do not know the reason why the baby was born with three penises, but they write in the report that there is nothing to indicate drug abuse during pregnancy, or genetic problems in the family.

– My life with micropenis

Being born with more than one penis is, as mentioned, very rare. In 2015, however, a man made headlines after telling about life with two penises. The man, nicknamed “Double Dick Dude”, also published a book on the condition.

The anonymous man was then interviewed by Dagbladet.

– One muscle controls them both. The shaft at the bottom is thick, and splits into the two penises. Both urethra also work, he said.

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