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COME ALONE: This seven-year-old girl was stopped by border guards on the American side of the Rio Grande River in Texas in March. Like so many other children who come alone, she claims to have relatives who are already in the United States. Photo: Dario Lopez-Mills / AP

In March, 19,000 children and young people under the age of 18 entered the United States from the border with Mexico without being accompanied by adults. It’s more than ever before in one month.

The huge number is creating a border crisis for President Joe Biden.

The previous record, which dates from Trump’s reign in May 2019, was shattered. At that time, 12,000 came across the border alone, reports CBS. The increase is thus over 50 percent.

Border guards arrested a total of around 170,000 people who crossed the border illegally in March. About 100,000 of them were adults who came alone, without family. These are largely returned to Mexico, or their homeland even further south, more or less immediately.

OVER THE RIVER: A mother and her children have entered the United States illegally in a small dinghy across the Rio Grande River near Rome, Texas. Foto: JOE RAEDLE / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA

More 53,000 came together as families. There should be an increase of 175 percent from the previous month. According to the TV channel, most of these have been allowed to stay in the USA while waiting for a review of their case.

The same applies to children who come alone.

Sensational video

Earlier this week, US border officials released a video showing two Ecuadorian children being left to fend for themselves after human traffickers lifted them over the border between Mexico and the United States.

According to the US Border Patrol, the video will show two sisters, a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old, as the human traffickers release them over the over four meter high fence in Santa Teresa near El Paso in the state of New Mexico.

Both are said to have escaped unharmed from the incident, which the border authorities describe as “shocking”.

The two children shown in the video are said to have been discovered after a border agent discovered at a great distance that a person sitting on it was writing over the border fence. The agent started filming what he saw with a remote camera, and the video shows that the person sitting on the fence lowers one and a child down as far as he can before they are released and fall the last bit.

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You can see how the first girl lands with her legs first and then plunges forward on her stomach, while the second girl falls backwards. Shortly afterwards, a backpack is released over the fence, before the person who let the girls down jumps back down on the Mexican side.

Opens new emergency centers

The record numbers have led to Joe Biden and his administration struggling to provide shelter for the many hundreds of children and teenagers who cross the border daily without parents or other adults.

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According to the legislation, the border authorities must hand over children who are not from Mexico to the Ministry of Health and Human Services (HHS) within three days. But the huge number means that you do not have time to get them through the system fast enough. Thus, the residents stay longer than this in what has often been referred to as “prison-like facilities”.

In March, according to CBS, the children must have been in the custody of the border authorities for an average of 130 hours, instead of a maximum of 72. As of Thursday morning, a total of 5,000 children and young people were in these reception centers, most of them built to house single adults.

13,000 others were at the same time in custody at reception centers operated by HHS.

RECEPTION CENTERS: Minors are housed together in overcrowded reception centers along the border. Here from Donna, Texas earlier this week. Photo: Dario Lopez-Mills / Pool AP

The ministry is now working intensively to open at least 10 emergency centers in Texas and California with a total of more than 16,700 beds.

Escape from violence, poverty and hurricanes

Many of the immigrants are from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. Most are fleeing poverty, violence and the aftermath of two devastating hurricanes, and after President Joe Biden came to power, they hope it will be easier to stay in the United States.

Biden has shelved parts of the measures that Donald Trump introduced to prevent immigration. But the president has rejected Republicans’ accusations that this has led to an increase in the number of migrants. Biden has pointed out that similar waves were experienced in 2019 and 2020.

But now the record has been broken. By a good margin. On his watch.

Biden has recently appointed Vice President Kamala Harris to lead the work on dealing with the situation at the border.

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