Brazil has a quarter of deaths among the 5 nations with the most deaths – News

Brazil has a quarter of deaths among the 5 nations with the most deaths – News
Brazil has a quarter of deaths among the 5 nations with the most deaths – News

The escalation of deaths due to covid-19 placed Brazil at the epicenter of the world pandemic. Practically one in four lives lost on the planet by the disease happened in the country of South America, reveal the data of the Our World in Data, site run by researchers from the University of Oxford, UK.

According to the platform, which analyzes the evolution of the disease worldwide, 23.7% of deaths due to the new coronavirus were registered in Brazil until Thursday (1st). The data from Friday (2) of the Ministry of Health had not been accounted for by the British monitor until the closing of this matter.

With more than 553,000 deaths, the United States led the ranking. Brazil was right behind, exceeding 325 thousand deaths, followed by Mexico, India and the United Kingdom. In total, the five nations together accounted for more than 1.3 million deaths, just under half of all the lives the disease has already led worldwide (2.83 million).

Proportionally, Brazil had, until this Thursday, 1,530.32 for each one million inhabitants, which placed the South American country in 18th place.

Ranking of deaths by covid-19 *

1st) United States – 553,136

2nd) Brazil – 325,284

3rd) Mexico – 203,664

4th) India – 163,396

5th) United Kingdom – 127,006

Total: 1.372.486

Total deaths (per million inhabitants) *

1st) Czech Republic – 2,482.59

2nd) San Marino – 2,475.1

3rd) Hungary – 2,173.32

4º) Montenegro – 2.047,57

5th) Bosnia and Herzegovina – 2,034.56

6th) Belgium – 1,988.42

7th) Slovenia – 1,950.04

8th) Bulgaria – 1,915.97

9th) United Kingdom – 1,870.87

10th) Macedonia – 1,828.76

11th) Italy – 1,816.8

12th) Slovakia – 1,793.16

13th) United States – 1,671.09

14th) Portugal – 1,653.38

15th) Spain – 1,615.68

16º) Peru – 1,581.99

17th) Mexico – 1,579.61

18th) Brazil – 1,530.32

19º) Andorra – 1.488,38

20º) Liechtenstein – 1.468,39

* Until 8pm this Friday (2)

Fonte: Our World in Data


In addition to measures of social distance, wearing masks and hand hygiene, experts are unanimous in attesting that only mass vaccination can slow the spread of the pandemic.

Although the daily average of injections tripled in March, less than half of the doses actually reached the Brazilians’ arms.

According to the Ministry of Health, since January 18, over 43 million doses have been distributed to states and municipalities. However, only 18.9 million were applied.

The difference is in the decision of the regional governments to reserve the second dose and guarantee safety stocks, which goes against the guidance of the federal government, which released the use of all ampoules.

The insufficient amount of vaccines, the imminent collapse in public health and its effects on economic activity led Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG) to send letter to the UN (United Nations), calling for the early delivery of immunizers through the international consortium Covax Facility.

To sensitize the international community, the senator said that “the situation constitutes systemic risk, of global reach”, and that “the outbreak of contagions that Brazil is going through cannot be contained within the perimeter of national borders”.

The parliamentarian also pointed out that the national health system is at the limit of its capabilities and that, in a single day, the South American country had more lives lost due to the covid-19 than the terrorist attack on the twin towers, in New York on September 11, 2001.

Schedule changed

In yet another revision of the estimate, the government reduced the forecast of vaccine delivery to states by 46%. Last month, the Ministry of Health said it would dispatch 47.3 million doses this month. Now, the goal is to dispatch 25.5 million, that is, a 46% drop in relation to what was announced in mid-March.

Brazil currently has CoronaVac (Sinovac / Butantan) and Covishield (Oxford / AstraZeneca / Fiocruz). The Brazilian government also purchased 100 million doses of the immunizer from Pfizer and another 38 million from Johnson.

The country must also receive vaccines from Covaxin (Bharat Biotech, from India); Sputnik V (União Química / Intistuto Gamaleya, Rússa); in addition to the Covax Facility consortium, object of the motion sent to the UN by Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco.

Epidemiological situation

From Thursday to Friday (2), Brazil registered 70,238 cases of covid-19 and 2,922, the Ministry of Health reported last night. Since the beginning of the pandemic, in March 2020, the country has totaled 12,910,082 cases of infected people and 328,206 deaths.

The number of people recovered from the disease is 11,276,628 (87.3% of the total number of occurrences), informed the folder, which receives data from the state health departments.

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