Europe misses vaccination targets it had until March 31 – Observer

The European Union failed to achieve vaccination goals the one that had been proposed in the first quarter of 2021: 80% of health professionals and elderly people over 80 years of age vaccinated, according to vaccination data from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control.

Vaccines are considered to be those who have already received the two doses of vaccines administered in this scheme (Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca), but even if only one dose is considered, Europe remains far from the target.

“By the end of the week, 107 million doses will have been distributed to the Member States,” said Dana Spinant, deputy spokesman for the European Commission, quoted by the newspaper El País. Still, far from the more than 160 million doses initially due to failed deliveries of the AstraZeneca vaccine – less than 30 million doses instead of the nearly 100 million agreed.

Seniors over 80

About a third (33.1%) of elderly Europeans over the age of 80 are already vaccinated – and more than half (59.8%) took the first dose -, taking into account the average of the 25 member states of the European Union and European Economic Area that reported data on vaccination to ECDC.


Percentage of people over 80 who are fully vaccinated in 25 countries – ECDC

Portugal also failed to meet the goal of vaccinating 80% of the elderly – only 33.1% – but reached 79.8% of people over 80 vaccinated, at least with one dose of the vaccine. Only Iceland, Malta, Ireland, Sweden and Finland gave the first dose to more than 80% of people over 80.

The 15 countries that have the highest proportion of adults over 80 years old with a dose of the vaccine, a list that includes Portugal – ECDC

Iceland is the only country that has met the target, with 88.5% of those over 80 vaccinated, according to the ECDC report with data as of 28 March. Followed by Norway and Malta (69.5 and 69.4%) and Denmark (52%). The remaining 21 countries have less than half of the vaccinated population.

Health professionals

Regarding the proportion of fully vaccinated health workers, there are more countries close to meeting the EU target (80%), but fewer countries reporting these data. Only 13 countries provided data on this group and Portugal is not one of them.

On average, in these countries, 47% of health professionals are fully vaccinated and 61.1% received the first dose.

Percentage of health professionals who have been fully vaccinated in 13 EU / EEA countries – ECDC

A Hungary, which bought vaccines outside the European Commission’s agreement, is the only country that met the target and it has almost all health professionals vaccinated (99.6%), followed by Romania with 79.7% of health professionals vaccinated.

With more than half of the professionals in this group vaccinated are: Spain (69.7%), Estonia (65.5%), Czech Republic (54.5%) and Slovenia (50.9%).

Among the 13 countries that reported the numbers of the first doses administered, there is great variability, from 17.6% in Bulgaria to 100% in Estonia and Hungary – ECDC

Residential structures for the elderly

Data for nursing home residents are even more sparse, but show that most, in the eight countries that reported the data, already have more than half the population of this group vaccinated – except Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

Only eight countries reported complete vaccination data for residents of residential structures for the elderly – ECDC

In this group of countries (which does not include Portugal, which did not report these data), the following stand out: Spain, with 94.5% of residents in vaccinated homes; Denmark, with 88.7%, and Luxembourg, with 85.9%.

Vaccination of adults

The European Union wants to reach the end of the summer with 70% of adults vaccinated – Portugal already only aims to have at least the first dose taken -, but, at this moment, only Malta has more than 10% of vaccinated adults (slightly more, 10.9%).

Vaccination map in the European Union and European Economic Area, taking into account complete vaccination – ECDC

In total, up to 28 March, 85 million doses of vaccines were distributed to 29 EU or EEA Member States – corresponding to 23.7 doses per 100 inhabitants.

During this period, almost 71 million doses were administered in 30 Member States. On average, in these countries, 5.8% of adults were fully vaccinated and 13.6% received the first dose – Portugal is in line with these numbers (5.8 and 14%, respectively).

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