Attacking octopus descends tentacle on bather’s neck – News

An octopus with an activated attack mode struck the neck of a curious batheron a beach in Dunsborough, Australia. Lance Karlson, as the victim identified himself, approached the mollusk in two moments, while walking with the two-year-old daughter along the shore. On the second meeting, he was not spared.

“The most furious octopus in Geographe Bay!” Wrote Karlson in an Instagram post.

“After chasing a seagull, he decided that my daughter and I deserved a beating, “he continued.” Later, I discovered his home among crab carcasses, where he came after me again! ”

This time, the animal’s tentacle hit the man in the face. “My glasses were too foggy to see what had happened,” said Karlson, in an interview with 9News. “I swam back to the coast in pain.”

As the bather had already worked as a lifeguard, he immediately knew what to do: he asked his wife to pour soda over the bruise.

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Despite the prominent mark on the skin, the injury was not the most serious: “It was more the pain of the physical blow”, he evaluated.

After sharing one of the octopus’ attacks on the networks, Karlson received comments from several researchers shocked by the occurrence. According to them, this type of behavior is unusual to the animal.

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