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Man has car invaded by 15,000 bees in supermarketreproduction

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Published 01/04/2021 16:05 | Updated 01/04/2021 17:04

In Las Cruces, New Mexico (USA), a man’s car was invaded by a swarm while he was in the supermarket. The American left the car in the parking lot with one of the windows open and only noticed the presence of the bees after getting into the car and driving for a few meters with them inside the vehicle. The information is from the newspaper The New York Times.

The Fire Department said there were about 15,000 bees in the man’s car, which only noticed something was wrong when it started driving the car. “Then he turned and looked and it was like, ‘Wow’ […]. He then called 911 [número de emergência nos EUA] because I didn’t know what to do “, said Jesse Johnson, who carried out the removal of the bees.

“I will do anything to prevent people from killing bees,” said Johnson, a member of the Las Cruces Fire Department for ten years and a hobby of beekeeping. According to the publication, he wore a beekeeper’s jacket and veils and transferred the swarm to a new hive box, treated with lemongrass oil to mimic the smell of a queen bee.

“Fortunately, when the bees are swarming, they are very docile. They don’t have a home for [as] protect at the moment. It is much more intimidating than dangerous, “explained Johnson.

In addition to the scare, a market security guard and at least one Johnson colleague were stung during the removal of the animals.


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