Crew of the ship stranded in the Suez Canal may be arrested

The Indian crew of the ship that was stranded in the Suez Canal for six days, blocking one of the main sea routes on the planet, may be arrested in the midst of an investigation to find out the causes of the accident in Egypt. This is revealed by a report to which the Times of India had access, whose details were released on Tuesday (30).

According to the publication, the Indian government and the country’s maritime workers’ organizations fear that the 25 crew and captain of the ship Ever Given will be made “scapegoats” by the Suez Canal Authority (SCA). In this way, they would take the blame for the stranding of the vessel, which resulted in commercial losses in several countries.

In addition to house arrest, the crew may also be prohibited from participating in new international voyages until the investigators’ work is completed. Ultimately, they would be subject to criminal charges, according to a source heard by the newspaper.

The ship’s release was widely celebrated. (Source: BBC / Reproduction)

Those responsible for Ever Given did not give further details about the investigation or divulge the names of the crew. They just said that workers are safe and remain in “good health”, in addition to being collaborating with SCA.

Investigations continue

The reasons that led the giant cargo ship to run aground in the Suez Canal are being investigated since yesterday (31). According to SCA President Osama Rabie, human error coupled with bad weather conditions on the day of the accident are among the probable causes.

The assessment will include an analysis of the actions taken by the vessel’s captain and navigability conditions on the day that the busy seaway was blocked, among other things.

The accident caused great damage to the world maritime trade. (Source: The New York Times / Reproduction)

Meanwhile, some Indian entities have spoken out on the case. The member of the National Navigation Council Sanjay Prashar, for example, calls for an impartial investigation. For him, the analysis of the trip data recorder can clearly indicate what caused the accident.

On the other hand, the secretary general of the National Union of Seafarers of India (NSUI) Abdulgani Serang promised to support all the crew, assisting them “in whatever is necessary”.

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