North Korea – Diplomats flee: – No more strength

North Korea – Diplomats flee: – No more strength
North Korea – Diplomats flee: – No more strength

NEW YORK (Dagbladet): It is diplomats at the Russian embassy in North Korea who sound the alarm. They believe the lack of medical supplies and unbearable coronary restrictions has become too much. On Thursday, they posted a post on the Facebook page of the embassy where they describe the situation.

North Korea has one of the world’s strictest quarantine regimes, and Russian diplomats describe a “collective exit.”

An unusual border crossing in North Korea has received a lot of attention. Photo: Russian Foreign Ministry / Facebook / NTB
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Missing essential items

– It is possible to understand those who leave the North Korean capital. Almost no one can bear anymore of the total restrictions unparalleled, the large deficit of essential goods, including medicines, the lack of any opportunity to solve health problems, write employees of the Russian embassy.

Russia is one of the countries with the largest diplomatic delegation to the communist dictatorship. In the post the total number of foreign people in North Korea is now 290.

Warns USA: – Do not make stench

In February, Russian diplomats and their family members were forced out of the country on dresin.

The borders with North Korea have been closed since January last year.

Analysts say that the country probably has the strictest coronary restrictions in the world, and that the measures have given the authorities the opportunity to increase control over the daily life of the country’s inhabitants to the same level as during the famine in the 1990s, writes The Guardian.

The train out of North Korea

– Hunger and exhaustion

As always, there is very little information leaking out of the country.

However, six North Korean border guards fled to China last week due to “hunger and exhaustion.”

A researcher for the human rights organization Human Rights Watch, Lina Yoon, wrote on March 16 about how she had heard about the lack of food, soap, toothpaste and batteries. She explains that trade with China – the country’s neighbor and dominant trading partner – has fallen by 80 percent. Imports of food and medicine are said to have fallen to almost zero percent. This is because the North Korean authorities claimed that trade and “yellow dust”, which blew across the border from China, could lead to the spread of the coronavirus. In addition, severe floods are said to have destroyed much of agricultural production.

EXPLOSION: North Korean authorities showed the explosion of the cooperation building between South Korea and North Korea in a live TV broadcast. Video: KRT
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Officially, North Korea has not had a single case of infection. They credit this to strict travel restrictions and quarantine rules. However, analysts believe that there have been outbreaks in the army and in border towns, among other places.

North Korea will receive 1.7 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine from the Covax program.

Itches in the head after spectacular escape

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