Man attacked by a 2.5-meter python while in the toilet – News

Animal had entered the canal and was hidden.

A 45-year-old Thai man was taken aback by being surprised by a giant 2.5-meter-long python while sitting on the toilet. The animal had climbed up the canal in Samut Prakan, Thailand.

Somchai says he felt the pressure of the snake’s bite. “It was only when I looked down that I saw the python,” reports the Thai man who, despite being surprised, showed courage. Reacting at the moment, the man immediately tried to capture the reptile but quickly realized that its dimensions made it dangerous.

So he called the emergency services that showed the laborious operations to remove the python, which was trapped in the drainpipe.

“This could have turned out to be a bigger problem, because animals like these can prove to be aggressive and attack with more violence. It is also important to remove the snake, because it can go back to the pipes, hide, and then attack again”, alerts one of the firefighters involved.


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