the before and after of this nurse is shocking the Internet

A year of pandemic: the before and after of this nurse is shocking the Internet

The professional appears visibly older and tired. NiT explains everything to you.

He is a nurse in Spain.

A little over a year has passed since the Covid-19 pandemic transformed our lives. Health professionals devoted almost all their time to fighting the disease, accepting endless shifts and choosing to stay away from families due to the high risk of contagion.

The impact of a year of pandemic, at least in the case of Víctor Aparicio, is notorious. After reviewing an interview he gave to a Spanish media outlet at the beginning of the state of emergency, the nurse realized that he was visibly older.

“I’m an ICU nurse [Unidade de Cuidados Intensivos]. One year separate these two images. I think that the external change is evident. Do not imagine the interior ”, wrote on his Twitter account this Thursday, March 31.

Accompanying the short text are two images: in the first, the one on the day of the interview, it appears with dark hair and beard, while in the other, the hair is gray and more wrinkles are noticed. In addition, the tiredness aspect is greater.

“It seems like decades have passed. I remember it very well. Today I woke up with nightmares, ”continued the nurse at the Gregorio Marañón hospital in Madrid, Spain, who is a spokesman for the Asociación de Sanitarios Necesarios.

The publication appears on the same day that the level of accumulated incidence (contagions) in Spain rose again to values ​​considered high risk, above 150 cases. On Thursday, the 31st, the country registered 8,534 infections and an additional 154 deaths due to Covid-19.


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