Sweden, Anders Tegnell | Sweden has now set a new vaccine target:

Delayed deliveries force the Swedish government to change the vaccine target.

Therefore, Swedes must set a new date for when everyone over the age of 18 may have received their first dose of coronary vaccine:

– Everyone over the age of 18 should be offered the first dose of vaccine by 15 August. As you all know, the largest vaccination campaign in Swedish history is underway to save lives. 1.1 million have been vaccinated so far.

– It is not money that is the problem, but the manufacturers have not delivered on the basis of the agreements, but when we get vaccines, no approved vaccine should be on the shelf, said Minister of Social Affairs Lena Hallengren initially.

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Thus, the Swedish government gives up the goal that everyone should be vaccinated in the first half of 2021.

It was further mentioned that the Public Health Authority is working on a new and ambitious plan for the entire adult population to be offered a vaccine, as soon as possible. An overriding goal is that all Swedes over the age of 65 should have received their first vaccine dose by 16 May.

– Fantastic vaccines

State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell said that the vaccines they have received do the job and save lives.

– The vaccines we have now are fantastic vaccines. The goal is further to reduce deaths and ensure that the pressure on the health service is eased. We want an ongoing dialogue with the regions on how to use the vaccines in the best possible way, said Tegnell.

And he added:

– The bottleneck is in the deliveries of the vaccines. Delivery intervals can change over time, so it may be faster to get a second dose. Therefore, it is reasonable to have the goal we have now around the first dose, so the time interval around the second dose can be more flexible.

Summon retirees

Minister of Social Affairs Lena Hallengren was asked how the Swedes will be fully vaccinated this summer, since the target has been set for 15 August.

– We have the opportunity to bring in retired nurses, among other things, Hallengren said.

– Many regions already have a plan to be able to vaccinate fully in the summer. There is often another personnel who goes in and does the job. There may be people who have a nursing education at the bottom, health professionals and dentists. It will be a capacity, said Marie Morell who is the leader of SKR’s (Swedish Municipalities and Regions) health delegation.

However, Hallengren would not guarantee that all Swedes will receive their first dose during the summer.

– I do not want to speculate, the social ministers answered the question from Expressen.

Tegnell was asked how the situation will be this summer, and he was clear that the state of affairs will be completely different than today.

– Yes, our forecasts speak for a considerably smaller spread of infection this summer, both because the virus is bound by season, but also because we will have many vaccinated then. The death toll will probably stay down, and then hospital admissions will go down accordingly, said the state epidemiologist.


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