Daughters discover valuable book, conceived as ‘inheritance’

Daughters discover valuable book, conceived as ‘inheritance’
Daughters discover valuable book, conceived as ‘inheritance’
It may not have been a safe full of galleons, sicles and nukes on the Gringotts bank, but four English women were shocked to discover an unexpected inheritance left by their mother.

The gift “sent from the heavens” is a very valuable first edition of Harry Potter, which was bought for a pound sterling (R $ 7.76 at the current price), by their mother, in 2003. Their intention is to sell the item of collector, valued between 20 thousand to 30 thousand pounds (about R $ 155 thousand to 232 thousand), through an auction house.

The woman’s eldest daughter, 31, who does not wish to be named, said the book has been collecting dust on a bookshelf since her mother died 16 years ago from cancer. According to her, the book was bought by her mother at a school book fair.

After seeing the news of the first editions of Harry Potter being sold for “a lot of money”, the girls’ father fetched the book from the dusty bookcase and handed it to his daughters. They then delved deeper into the research and found that the hardcover copy of the first print, printed in 1997, is described as the “definitive Harry Potter collector’s item”.

According to the Birmingham Mail website, which interviewed them, copies of this edition of “The Philosopher’s Stone” that they have in hand have already been auctioned for values ​​between 17,500 pounds to 68,000 pounds (about R $ 135,000 to R $ 527k), depending on the state of preservation.

“Mom left us a fantastic gift thanks to her passion for books and her determination to encourage us to read. She loved books,” said the daughter of her dead mother at the age of 44.

The item will be auctioned in England at an auction, with no date set, exclusively for collector’s items in the saga. The sale estimate is between £ 20,000 to £ 30,000, however, that figure is uncertain and could increase dramatically.

“The money will be divided between four sisters and will be greatly appreciated, especially by my youngest sister, who is only 21 years old,” added the daughter.

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