About 250 boats are still waiting to cross

The congestion of vessels caused by the grounding of the Ever Green freighter, in the Suez Canal, continues to be of great proportions, due to the almost 250 vessels waiting to pass through the site.

According to the logistical services company Leth Agencies, which operates and, across several straits and channels in the world, a total of 249 ships were waiting in the morning to cross the Suez Canal, where 10% of the world’s maritime trade passes and 25% of all the freighters on the planet.

According to Leth Agencies and other companies that provide transit services through the channel located in Egypt, periodically, some vessels are authorized to make the crossing. There are 127 boats waiting in Suez, at the entrance to the Red Sea, and 122 in Port Said, on the Mediterranean Sea.

This Thursday, 87 ships were due to cross, a number similar to that authorized yesterday.

Last Wednesday, according to the head of the Suez Canal Authority, Admiral Osama Rabie, almost 200 of the 422 vessels that had been waiting since the launch of the Ever Given freighter, which happened on Monday afternoon, crossed the site.

In addition, Rabie announced the start of an investigation into what happened to the freighter, to determine the responsibility of the incident.

It is estimated that daily losses ranging from US $ to US $ 15 million per day have been recorded due to stranding and congestion in the channel.


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