Appeals to remove Bolsonaro from power increase. Fears a self-coup

Appeals to remove Bolsonaro from power increase. Fears a self-coup
Appeals to remove Bolsonaro from power increase. Fears a self-coup
A The Brazilian opposition is reinforcing calls to remove Jair Bolsonaro to prevent the president from moving forward with a possible coup d’état and halting his “illusions of authoritarianism”, advances The Guardian.

Opposition congressmen justify Bolsonaro’s ‘impeachment’ with what they consider to be an illegal attempt to co-opt the armed forces of Brazil, this after the commanders of the three branches of the armed forces (army, navy and air force) have presented their resignations, in a solidarity act after Bolsonaro dismissed the Minister of Defense, General Fernando Azevedo e Silva.

“We cannot be spectators of this barbarism,” said congressman Marcelo Freixo of PSOL. Alessandro Molon, from PSB, went further. “There is an attempt by the president to organize a coup – it is already underway – and that is why we are reacting,” he guaranteed, when presenting a request for Bolsonaro’s ‘impeachment’ – one more – at the Brazilian congress.

At this point, details are still lacking regarding the sudden break between Bolsonaro and the military, who were important allies in his rise to power in the 2018 elections. Some analysts suggest that commanders who resigned from the armed forces wanted to distance themselves from the president, frustrated by its management of the pandemic that has already cost the lives of almost 320 thousand Brazilians and with the situation deteriorating daily.

Other analysts believe that military chiefs were trying to protect Bolsonaro’s Brazilian democracy, which never hid his appreciation for dictators. They also say that the president may be considering a coup or, in this case, a self-coup, where a democratically elected president assumes the power of a dictator.

This Wednesday, six potential candidates for next year’s presidential elections signed a manifesto in defense of democracy in Brazil. Among these six possible candidates does not include Lula da Silva, who has not yet assumed the candidacy for the 2022 elections, but who has made harsh criticisms of Bolsonaro, particularly about the way he has managed the health crisis in the country.

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