Donald Trump | Warned about Donald Trump’s mental health:

Donald Trump | Warned about Donald Trump’s mental health:
Donald Trump | Warned about Donald Trump’s mental health:

The female psychiatrist drew parallels between Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler.

NEW YORK (Nettavisen): A female psychiatrist who had been employed at the world-famous Yale University for 17 years, is now suing the university because she claims she was fired after warning about the president’s mental health, writes the New Haven Register.

– Trump was a great danger to the country

Psychiatrist Bandy Lee has long been a strong critic of Trump, who believes the president was a great danger to the country, and is now suing the university because she did not renew her commitment last year.

Lee’s lawyers believe the letter of resignation she received in May last year is a breach of contract and an illegal termination, and claim that Lee was fired because she was critical of both Trump and his lawyer, Alan Dershowitz.

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Lee came to the nation’s lips after she spoke in April 2017 about Trump’s mental health at a conference at Yale, which ultimately resulted in the book; “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President.”

Later, Lee has also been used as a commentator on CNN, and she has written comments in the New York Times.

Compared Trump to Hitler

Lee lost his job at Yale in May last year, but still continued his criticism of Trump.

In a Twitter message just a few days before the presidential election last year, which she later

, she drew comparisons between Trump and Adolf Hitler.

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– Donald Trump is not Adolf Hitler. Hitler at least improved the daily lives of his followers, had discipline, and demanded more of himself to gain the respect of his followers, she wrote, among other things.

– Do not be forced into silence

According to the New Haven Register, Lee’s criticism and public diagnosis of Trump is a violation of a rule in the American Psychiatric Association, “Goldwater Rule,” which prohibits professional statements and diagnoses of public figures who have not been through a professional examination.

Lee, for her part, argues that she is not a member of the American Psychiatric Association, and that this rule only helps to “gag” psychiatrists.

“My goal at the moment is to ensure that professionals and intellectuals are not forced into silence,” Lee said, according to the New York Times.

– Will not diagnose Biden

The New York Post, which also covers Lee’s lawsuit, points out that Lee refuses to make any public diagnosis of President Joe Biden.

In a blog post on Medium, Lee writes that she does not make a “diagnosis without an examination” unless there is evidence of a significant danger to public health and well-being, Lee writes.

– Stumbling in a few words is not at all the same as the extreme dangers that result from delusions of greatness, Lee writes, among other things.

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Attacked Trump lawyer

Lee’s Yale problems began in earnest in January last year, when lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who represented Donald Trump during the first trial, sent a formal complaint to Yale after Lee accused him in a Twitter message of having “the same psychosis”. as close to all of Trump’s supporters. “

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The inquiry from Alan Dershowitz, a former student at Yale Law School, prompted university management to respond to Lee.

The faculty wrote a letter to Lee in which they warned her that she had violated psychiatric ethics by “diagnosing” the lawyer at a distance.

– You put me in a position where I have to ask myself: «Is this the kind of person I can trust to teach medical students, residents and forensic psychiatry? The letter states Lee’s receipt from Dr. John Krystal at Yale, according to the lawsuit she has now filed against the university.

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Freedom of speech: – The dangers of the Trump presidency

When Lee in May last year did not get an extension of her involvement at Yale, it is stated by the university that she no longer had a “formal teaching role”, which the lawyers believe is just “a pretext” to fire her, writes the New York Post.

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The lawyers argue in the lawsuit that this is an illegal dismissal “on the orders of Professor Alan Dershowitz” because of her exercise of freedom of expression about the dangers of Donald Trump’s presidency.

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“Since she acted in accordance with the duty of every citizen to contribute to society, her speech is protected under the First Amendment (the amendment to the US Constitution that ensures freedom of expression and the press),” the lawsuit states.

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– The Trump presidency was an emergency

– The Trump presidency represented an emergency that not only allowed, but demanded that psychiatrists in the US sound the alarm, writes her lawyers who also point out that Lee had a “professional responsibility to protect society.”

“Trump’s mental health affected the mental health of everyone in the United States and put the country at serious risk and undermined democracy itself,” it continues.

It also appears that Lee is demanding 75,000 dollars, around 640,000 kroner, among other things for lost income and future remuneration.

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A Yale spokesperson, Karen Peart, denies that it was the political statements that caused Lee to lose his job, and told the New Haven Register that Lee was not allowed to renew his contract after a review of Yale’s “guidelines and practices”.

“Yale does not consider the political opinions of faculty members when making decisions about appointment,” Peart said.

– Acted in violation of the rules of psychiatry

Lawyer Dershowitz, for his part, says that Yale was absolutely right in looking at Lee’s employment relationship.

– Lee gives me more power than I initially think I have. All I did was notify the Yale authorities of her unprofessional behavior. Facts are facts, says Dershowitz, who has never met Bandy Lee in person.

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– I think her own statements prove that she acted unprofessionally, in violation of academic standards and in violation of the rules of psychiatry. “I also think it is unethical to misdiagnose someone she has not met for political and ideological reasons,” Trump’s former lawyer Alan Dershowitz told the New Haven Register.

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