Kremlin: Russian troop movements should not concern other countries
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The Russian Federation moves its Armed Forces within its territory as it deems necessary, this poses no threat to anyone, said Russian President Dmitry Peskov’s spokesman.

Russia is taking steps to ensure the security of its borders, along which there is an “increase in activity” by the Atlantic Alliance, the spokesman added.

“You know that along the perimeter of the Russian borders there has been an increase in activity by the armed forces of NATO countries, other alliances, specific countries, etc. All of this requires us to be vigilant,” explained the presidential spokesman. , in response to a journalist’s question about strengthening the Russian military presence on the borders with Ukraine and sending troops to Crimea.

According to Peskov, the displacement of Russian troops across the country “should not concern” other countries, since – he stressed – this “does not constitute a threat to anyone”.

On Tuesday, the commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ruslan Khomchak, declared that Russia was allegedly gradually increasing forces on the border with Ukraine, which he said created a threat to the country’s military security.

Shortly thereafter, the Pentagon’s official representative, John Kirby, reported that the United States was aware of the Ukrainian military’s allegations and is discussing this issue with NATO allies.


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