Apple Watch helped police find a burglar in less than 24 hours

Recently, an armed robbery in Brazil resulted in the arrest of a 20-year-old man. But for that, technology played a key role, since the criminal was arrested with the help that an Apple Watch provided to the authorities.

Occasionally, there are news situations in which technological equipment provides authentic valuable assistance at a given moment. So let’s get to know better what happened.


Apple Watch helped Brazilian police find burglar

The case took place in Santa Maria, in the region of Rio Grande do Sul, following an armed robbery, last Saturday morning (27). Three armed men dressed in uniforms from the Brazilian Army took a victim hostage in their own home.

The assailants assaulted and tied the victim to his residence and stole several goods. For example, a BMW X4 car and an Apple Watch smart watch were taken, the specific model of which was not revealed.

To find the criminals, agents from the Police Station for the Suppression of Organized Criminal Actions (DRACO) used the smartwatch to locate the device. And the results of this tool indicated a residence in Vila Brenner, also in the city of Santa Maria. This house would belong to the sister of one of the assailants, a 20-year-old who was arrested on Sunday (28) and taken by the police along with the stolen objects and uniforms of the authorities.

Seized objects with the help of the location of the Apple Watch

The subject was then recognized by the victim as one of the participants in the assault. The police are now looking for the other two assailants who, in turn, already have a criminal record of theft, homicide, drug trafficking, disobedience and threat.

In short, this is yet another situation to join with so many others where technology has played a key role in solving or preventing more serious problems.


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