There is a millennial who wants to be the leader of the UN (against Guterres)

Indo-Canadian Arora Akanksha, 34, is a candidate for UN secretary general.

At the age of 34, the Indo-Canadian Arora Akanksha announced her candidacy to be secretary-general of the United Nations (UN) against António Guterres, who will seek re-election. His chances are almost null, but Akanksha wants to “shake” an entity that has become “irrelevant”.

Arora Akanksha presents the first candidacy of an element of the so-called generation millennial and if she wins, she will become the first female UN secretary general.

It assumes itself as leader of the “generation of change” and says he wants to “keep the promise to the world” of a UN “that works”.

Its main banner is the defense of the rights of 85 million refugees that exist on the planet. Whether or not she was the granddaughter of refugees herself, since her grandparents fled Pakistan in 1947, settling in India, where she was to be born.

But Arora is a true citizen of the world. He grew up in Saudi Arabia with his parents, both doctors, lived part of his youth in India and moved to Canada at the age of 18.

He currently lives in New York, where he is part of the UN Development Program as financial auditor, since 2016, after being recruited at an accounting firm.

After announcing his candidacy for UN leader last February, he took a unpaid leave to do the campaign you are funding with your own savings.

Its budget is only 30 thousand dollars, according to the New York Times (NOW).

“A crime against the majesty” against Guterres

O Guterres mandate in the leadership of the UN it ends at the end of this year and the ex-Portuguese prime minister will run again. The expectation is that he will be elected for a second term.

“I am sure that she has no chance and I am equally sure that she knows it ”, points to the NOW Edward Mortimer, a former adviser to Kofi Annan who was UN secretary general between 1997 and 2006.

“It is a courageous way of demonstrate discontent which, undoubtedly, is widely shared by his colleagues ”, Mortimer also points out.

Arora has no diplomatic experience and has worked at the UN “for only four years”, in addition to “Less than half the age” of Guterres who is 71 years old, as evidenced by the NOW.

The newspaper concludes, therefore, that the application is “an audacious move money is sacudir ”to HIM.

“A daring of Arora touched the nerve of the 193-member organization and drew attention to the historically opaque way in which its leader is chosen, ” NOW.

Is that, as the newspaper points out, despite Arora’s good intentions, in fact, the UN “has little real power”And its secretary general is basically submitted to the five permanent members of the Security Council with veto right, Great Britain, China, France, Russia and USA respectively.

Moreover, the vote of these five countries is crucial to elect the leader of the organization.

Arora’s candidacy is almost “A crime against the majesty” against Guterres, as highlighted by the French newspaper L´Express, stressing that “the approach of the young woman contradicts the current habits and customs” at the UN.

The Belgian newspaper The evening points out that the young woman is “totally unknown” and that her hypotheses are “very weak, almost nonexistent”.

Fierce criticism of UN accounts

Oblivious to behind-the-scenes games and the few possibilities he may have, Arora says he expects his candidacy to be “An awakening for everyone”, in order to change the current scenario in which the UN is almost “irrelevant”, according to declarations to Público.

The Indo-Canadian auditor says that the UN was created with “very good intentions to make the world a better place, to end human suffering as soon as possible, to have peace and security, to respect human rights and the rule of law, and to bring about development and progress ”.

However, the UN “has not kept its promise that he did to the world 75 years ago ”, he defends, stressing that the organization needs to stop being“ spectator of crises ”to become“ leader ”of change.

And the first step for that would be to address the unequal distribution of vaccines around the world, refers to Público, alluding to the covid-19 pandemic.

“I think that we cannot solve problems of the 21st century with the thinking of the 20th century”, he also points out in the newspaper.

Arora also removes the functions of a financial auditor from the top hat to criticize the way in which UN funds are spent.

“I don’t understand how it is that for every dollar that we receive, only 30% goes to the causes. The UN continues to say that it is unable to meet its objectives because it has no funding – I disagree. They have financing, they just don’t use it properly, ”he says.

In addition to refugees, the pillars of his candidacy are technology, education, peace and security, and humanitarian crises.

Susana Valente, ZAP //

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