European solidarity in vaccines threatened by Austria – Health

Solidarity in the distribution of doses of the covid-19 vaccine is threatened, at European level, by a group led by Austria, which disagrees with the proposal to distribute the extra doses that exist from the Pfizer vaccine.The three million additional doses that the European Union has managed to obtain from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer are creating discord. Austria leads a group that includes the Czech Republic and Slovenia, which is blocking the proposal to divert these doses to five countries that are lagging behind in their vaccination efforts.
The information, provided to Bloomberg by sources close to the negotiations, concerns the 10 million doses that Pfizer will deliver before the deadline.The proposal foresaw that Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia and Slovakia would receive three million doses and distribute them among themselves, while the remaining seven million would belong to the remaining member states and would reach each one according to the size of the population.

These disagreements take place at a time when the Old Continent is facing the third wave of the pandemic in several territories, increasing the pressure for a solution to the health crisis.


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