Dossier Against Antifascists: Justice Exempts Eduardo Bolsonaro

Dossier Against Antifascists: Justice Exempts Eduardo Bolsonaro
Dossier Against Antifascists: Justice Exempts Eduardo Bolsonaro
Judge Leila Hassem da Ponte, from the 25th Civil Court of São Paulo, filed an indemnity claim for moral damages filed against federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP).

The lawsuit was opened by the young MJB, 24, who had her name and photo published in a dossier that exposed personal data and photographs of about 1,000 people who declare themselves against fascism. She said that, because of that, she started to receive several threats and offenses on her social networks.

The dossier “incites sympathetic voters to promote hatred and persecution to those who think differently,” said MJB in the process. The young woman demanded an indemnity of R $ 40 thousand.

In addition to Bolsonaro, another target of the process was state deputy Douglas Garcia (PTB-SP), who on his social networks called the people listed in the document “terrorists”.

As “evidence” of connection with terrorism, the dossier cites a plaque in honor of city councilor Marielle Franco, murdered in Rio de Janeiro in 2018, a book (the biography of Carlos Marighella, written by journalist Mário Magalhães) and swastika t-shirts. Nazi marked with a red x demonstrating rejection.

Garcia is one of the main allies of the Bolsonaro family in São Paulo and has already suffered six convictions in the São Paulo court because of the accusation of having elaborated and disclosed the dossier. The indemnities total R $ 115 thousand, but, as they are first instance decisions, they are still subject to appeal.

Eduardo Bolsonaro joined the lawsuit because Garcia had stated to the court that the president’s son had forwarded the dossier to the United States Embassy. “So that they are aware of the type of people who try to get in there,” explained Garcia on social media.

The federal deputy, however, denied the ally and denied to Justice that he forwarded the list to the embassy.

In her decision, the judge stated that there is no evidence that Eduardo actually submitted the dossier. He said that the American embassy itself, citing news published in the press, declared that it had not received the documentation. The magistrate extinguished the case in relation to him, declaring his “passive illegitimacy”.

In addition to exempting Bolsonaro, the judge acquitted Garcia, saying that it was not configured that the state deputy prepared and released the dossier.

The magistrate also understood that there was no offense or threat against the plaintiff.

“With regard to publications on their own social network, the defendant is in the exercise of his constitutional right to freedom of expression and free expression of thought,” said the judge.

The decision, signed on March 31, can be appealed.

Douglas Garcia denies having prepared and distributed the dossier, although he wrote on his social networks that he received “at least 1,000 profiles with data and photos of criminals (antifa)”.

To Justice, the state deputy said that the document had previously circulated on the internet and that he only handed it over to the authorities.

Anti-fascist is the person opposed to fascism, an ultra-nationalist, totalitarian political system, characterized by the concentration of power in the hands of a single leader, the use of violence and the control of the mass media. Benito Mussolini, from Italy, is the best-known fascist. In World War II, Mussolini supported Adolf Hitler’s Germany.

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