Korona, North Korea | Claims that North Korea is 100 percent infection free

The situation in the North Korean capital Pyongyang will be very difficult.

The totalitarian state, which has still not confirmed a single case of covid-19, has introduced very strict coronary restrictions to prevent infection.

In a post on Facebook, the Russian embassy writes that foreign diplomatic personnel are leaving Pyongyang, and that there are now fewer than 300 foreigners in the city.

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– Not everyone, far from it, can tolerate the restrictions that are stricter than ever, the most acute lack of necessary goods, including medicines, and the inability to cope with health problems, the embassy writes.

The UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in North Korea warned in March that coronary restrictions have caused serious economic problems in a country already struggling with food insecurity.

Train trolleys were pushed by people

As a result of the pandemic, all international air traffic has been suspended, as has train traffic across the border.

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In February, eight Russian diplomats traveled with their families to Russia, which shares a border with North Korea. Due to the restrictions, they arrived in a train trolley that was pushed by people across the border as a result of the restrictions.

A video of the trolley, which was loaded with suitcases and women, went around the world on social media.

Arguments about corona numbers

Neighboring South Korea, however, has little faith that North Korea is telling the truth about its corona numbers. The country’s foreign minister, Kang Kyung-wha, said in December last year that it was difficult to believe North Korea’s claims that it had not had a virus outbreak. These statements did not go down well with North Korea.

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“Her ruthless remarks make it clear that she is determined to make relations between North Korea and South Korea even cooler,” Kim Jong-un’s sister, Kim Yo-jong, said in a statement released by state media.

Accusations of vaccine hacking

South Korea has also accused North Korea of ​​trying and hacking vaccine giant Pfizer. In mid-December, the South Korean intelligence committee was briefed by the country’s intelligence service about the hacking attempt, parliamentarian Ha Tae-keung told TV reporters.

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He said that the intelligence service informed them that North Korea was trying to acquire technology related to vaccine development and treatment through hacking.

NTB / Nettavisen


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