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The court in Minneapolis was shown video from the cameras of three different police officers on Wednesday.

In one of the videos, Floyd is seen first meeting the police.

– Please do not shoot me … I just lost my mother, he says.

He is handcuffed and says he does not resist and “will do everything you say I will”.

Later you see that Floyd is pulled out of the police car and kept down on the ground.

As he lies on the ground, Floyd shouts at his mother and tells family members that he loves them.

At the same time, in one of the videos you can hear spectators shouting to the police that they must check Floyd’s pulse and stop holding him down.

The body camera of the accused policeman, Derek Chauvin, fell to the ground during the arrest of Floyd. There is therefore no video from Chauvin’s camera.

Surveillance photo showing George Floyd (right in the singlet) inside Cup Foods.
Photo: AP

Third day in court

Wednesday was the third day of the trial against Derek Chauvin. He is charged with murder after George Floyd died in connection with an arrest on May 25 last year.

Floyd was arrested after he was accused of trying to pay with a fake $ 20 bill.

One of those who testified on Wednesday was Christopher Martin, the 19-year-old store employee who sold Floyd a pack of cigarettes just before his arrest.

Martin told the jury that Floyd paid with a fake $ 20 bill. He said he knew the note was fake because of the color and texture, but added that he did not think Floyd knew it was fake.

The witness said that at first he had intended not to say anything about the counterfeit note, but that he changed his mind and told the boss. Another employee then called the police.

The New York Times writes that Martin was emotional in court when a video was shown of him outside the store where he touches his head while Chauvin leans his knee against Floyd’s neck.

He said he felt “disbelief and guilt.”

– If I had only refrained from accepting the note, this could have been avoided, he said in court.

Straight drawing from one of the videos shown in court in Minneapolis on Wednesday.
Photo: JANE ROSENBERG / Reuters

– Seemed doped

Martin said that Floyd seemed to be drugged because he had trouble answering a simple question.

He added that Floyd was ready enough to have a conversation and described him as “friendly and welcoming”.

A surveillance video from the store shows George Floyd laughing, talking to people and walking around.

The autopsy of George Floyd has shown that he had fentanyl and methamphetamine in his body.

Jury member broke down

Christopher Martins also seemed to influence the jurors. The testimony had to be interrupted when one of the members became acutely ill.

After a 20-minute break, the jury member, a woman in her 50s, explained that she had had a “stress-related reaction”.

I’m shaking, but I feel better, she said before the court continued its work.

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