Voltswagen, boimate … Remember 7 great pranks of April 1st – Photos

Voltswagen, boimate … Remember 7 great pranks of April 1st – Photos
Voltswagen, boimate … Remember 7 great pranks of April 1st – Photos

The news spread around the world this week. Volkswagen’s US subsidiary would change its name to Voltswagen. The measure would be an attempt to signal the entry of the automaker in the segment of electric cars, prioritizing clean energy and … it was just a lie. Hundreds of vehicles around the world published the story, which was confirmed by company executives, but it was just a prank on April 1 that leaked days before

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Fake / funny news is a very strong tradition on April 1st around the world. The British broadcaster BBC is one of the leading experts in creating this type of factoid in the world press. One of the most famous was a story published on the first day of April 1957, which spoke about the “spaghetti harvest” on the border between Italy and Switzerland, which would have been “anticipated because of the good weather”. Television was a novelty and many people believed

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On April 1, 1998, several American vehicles reported that the Alabama State Legislature (USA) had passed a law that changed the value of the mathematical constant pi (3.14159265 …) to just 3. The news , of course, it was a prank, but it had a real background. In 1897, the Indiana State House had attempted to approve a royal bill that rounded pi to 3.2

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The changing Eiffel Tower? This was what the newspaper Le Parisien published on April 1, 1986, stating that the main symbol of Paris would be dismantled and taken to Euro Disney, a trip of almost 60km. The land where the monument is located, in the city center, would be converted into an Olympic stadium

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Another BBC hoax happened in 1980, when the broadcaster announced that Big Ben, the British Parliament clock, would be converted to digital. The radio went so far as to say that the hands would be donated to the first person to call. In this case, it was a Japanese sailor who called from the high seas and was without the prize

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On April 1, 1974, a World War II veteran known as Porky Bickar, committed one of the greatest pranks in history at Mount Edgecumbe, a dormant volcano (since 2,200 BC) in Alaska (USA). He flew over the crater, threw old tires in it and then set it on fire. Everything to simulate a volcanic eruption. He is still remembered today in the small town of Sitka


A famous case in the Brazilian press happened due to a hoax on April 1, 1983 published in the magazine New Scientist. A famous Brazilian magazine published, in the April 27 edition, a serious article about a supposed scientific experiment at the University of Hamburg in which two scientists would have managed to combine tomato cells with beef cells, generating what was called “boimate”. The case is cited to this day in journalism courses


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