Deadliest month in corona-stricken Brazil

Deadliest month in corona-stricken Brazil
Deadliest month in corona-stricken Brazil
66,573 corona infected died in the country in March. In total, the country has registered 321,515 corona-related deaths since the pandemic broke out, the Ministry of Health states.

The South American country’s hospital has been pushed to the breaking point due to a new wave of serious cases of infection. Doctors are now forced to choose which patients to give life-saving help to.

– A threat to the whole world

The gloomy March figure is more than twice as high as what has so far been the deadliest month in the country, July last year, when the authorities registered 32,881 corona-related deaths.

– Never in the country’s history have we seen a single incident take the lives of so many people in a single month, says doctor Miguel Nicolelis, who has been the coordinator for pandemic preparedness in the northeastern part of the country.

He points out that winter is now approaching in the southern hemisphere and that the virus is spreading rapidly. Brazil is facing the perfect storm, he says.

– This is not a threat only to Brazil, but to the whole world, he says.

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3,780 died in one day

Brazil registered 3,780 corona-related deaths in the last 24 hours, the highest number of days so far in the pandemic, the Ministry of Health states.

One week ago, Brazil passed 3,000 corona-related deaths in one day for the first time.

In total, Brazil now has 317,646 corona-related deaths, and over 12.6 million detected cases of infection.

The health service in the country with 210 million inhabitants is on the verge of collapse, and the country is running out of drugs and equipment for covid-19 treatment.

Provides emergency approval for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Brazil has granted emergency approval for the corona vaccine from Johnson & Johnson. It is the fourth vaccine approved in the hard-hit country.

The Norwegian Medicines Agency Anvisa unanimously approved the emergency approval. The approval applies to priority groups such as health personnel and the elderly.

Brazil signed an agreement with the American pharmaceutical giant two weeks ago for the delivery of 38 million vaccines. Delivery will not start until August.

Only one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is needed, as opposed to two doses of the other corona vaccines.

Can’t get enough vaccines

Brazil is struggling to secure enough vaccines. The country’s population is 212 million. The hospitals are at the breaking point due to a large spread of infection.

Brazil has already entered into an agreement with Pfizer for the delivery of 100 million doses, ie vaccines for 50 million people. Delivery of these vaccines is expected to start at the turn of the month April-May.

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