Alexei Navalny goes on hunger strike

Navalny writes that he has back pain, but that he does not get medical help.

– I go on hunger strike and demand that the law be obeyed and that a doctor be allowed to visit me. So I am hungry, writes Navalny.

He writes that he has back pain, but that the pain has also moved to the lower leg.

– Instead of medical help, I am tortured with lack of sleep. They wake me up 8 times a night, writes Navalny.

He is in prison when a conditional sentence of three and a half years which was turned into a prison sentence in February. According to the court, he has defamed a 94-year-old war veteran. Navalny denied the allegations but was not heard.


Navalny returned to Russia in January after losing his life last year.

He spent several months in hospital and in convalescence in Berlin.

In August, he became acutely ill during a flight from Siberia to Moscow, and eventually ended up in a coma. It turned out that he was poisoned with the neurotoxin Novitsjok. He has accused President Vladimir Putin of being behind it, something Putin himself has denied.

“If we had such a wish, we would have done it,” Putin said when asked if his regime was trying to kill Navalny.

Source of increased level of conflict

Navalny has long been one of Russia’s clearest opposition politicians, and has been a staunch critic of Putin’s regime.

The United States recently imposed sanctions on seven high-ranking Russians after the poisoning and imprisonment of the regime critic.

US President Joe Biden has also increased the level of conflict between the two superpowers when he recently answered “yes” to the question of whether he sees Vladimir Putin as a killer.


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