WHO criticizes vaccination in Europe; Step into the deflation?

WHO criticizes vaccination in Europe; Step into the deflation?
WHO criticizes vaccination in Europe; Step into the deflation?
António Costa announced, this Wednesday, that the Government will send to the Constitutional Court the diplomas of social support already approved by the Assembly of the Republic and promulgated by Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa. Criticisms of this decision were not long-awaited and are transversal from the Right to the Left.

The Portuguese embassy in Brasilia announced a new flight between São Paulo (Brazil) and Lisbon will be held on April 14, aimed at Portuguese or foreigners residing in Portugal affected by the suspension of air connections due to the pandemic.

Portugal, which entered at 00:00 on Thursday in a new period of State of Emergency, registered, in the last 24 hours, 618 more infections by the new coronavirus and three deaths. Since March 17, when 673 contagions were reported, the country did not register so many cases. According to the epidemiological bulletin revealed by the Directorate-General for Health (DGS), the Rt remains at 0.94.
Everything indicates that the second phase of the deconfination plan, which is scheduled to start on Monday, April 5, will not change, since the risk matrix remains green. This should be announced at the beginning of the afternoon by the Government, after a meeting at the Council of Ministers meeting that will take place this morning.

See maps of the evolution of the new coronavirus pandemic at Portugal and no rest of the world.

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10h09 – Netherlands admits to holding Eurovision Festival with 3,500 spectators. The Dutch Government claims that the Eurovision 2021 festival, which takes place in Rotterdam, can count on a maximum of 3,500 spectators who must present a negative PCR test before entering the event hall.

10h04 – Osaka Governor against passing Olympic torch due to pandemic. The governor of Osaka said today that the passage of the Olympic torch through the city, within the framework of the Olympic Games in the country, should be canceled, when new restrictions are being prepared due to the increase in cases of Covid-19.

09h53 – WHO says new restrictions are needed to combat the pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) today described as “necessary” new restrictions in Europe due to the growing number of cases of SARS-CoV-2, the advance of the British variant and the increase in mobility during Easter week.

09h38 – “There will be no difficulties in hiring nurses for vaccination”. The president of the Ordem dos Enfermeiros said today that “there will be no difficulties in hiring nurses for vaccination” against Covid-19, in view of the availability of at least 9,366 professionals for the massive vaccination process.

09h10 – Ukraine records new highs for positive cases and deaths. Ukraine today registered 17,569 infections and 421 deaths due to Covid-19, figures that have been new highs since the start of the pandemic, said Ukrainian Health Minister Maxim Stepanov.

08h58 – “Unacceptably slow”. WHO criticizes vaccination in Europe. The vaccination process against Covid-19 in Europe is “unacceptably slow”, considered this Thursday, the European office of the World Health Organization, adding that the number of new cases in the Continent has increased for the sixth consecutive week.

Hans Kluge, WHO’s head for Europe, said that “vaccines are our best opportunity to get out of the pandemic”. “Not only do they work, but they are also highly effective in preventing infections. However, the application of these vaccines is unacceptably slow”, he said, quoted by Euronews.

08h37 – Start the day informed. The Government’s plan and three other things you should know to start the day:

  • Government prepares a new step in the lack of definition from the 5th;
  • The deadline for the delivery of the IRS starts;
  • How did the public debt evolve ?;
  • “The probability of extending bank default is reduced.”

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08h31 – Let’s remember this Tuesday’s epidemiological bulletin. Portugal registered, in the last 24 hours, 618 more infections by the new coronavirus and three deaths. Since March 17, when 673 contagions were reported, the country did not register so many cases.

08h22 – Time to catch up on Thursday’s newspaper headlines. Today is news: PSD in deaf war; Confidence to suspect? Read it all here

08h00 – MRNA vaccines. How long after the 2nd dose do we develop immunity? Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, which use mRNA technology to help the immune system develop immunity to SARS-CoV-2, require two doses. And it is only after that second dose that your immunity to the virus is fully activated.

07h42 – SNS24 answered more than twice as many calls in the 1st quarter compared to 2020. The SNS24 line answered more than 1.6 million calls in the first three months of this year, more than double the number recorded in the same period in 2020, the president of Shared Services of the Ministry of Health told Lusa.

07h24 – USA with 1,055 dead and 66,088 cases in the last 24 hours. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the country has accumulated 552,006 deaths and 30,457,315 cases of the disease. The USA is the country with the most deaths due to the new coronavirus and also with the most cases of infection.

07h20 – China has totaled 16 cases in the last 24 hours, including six due to local contagion. The China Health Commission announced today that it had diagnosed 16 cases of Covid-19 in the past 24 hours, six of which were due to local contagion in the southwestern province of Yunnan.

07h12 – USA: 15 million doses of J&J vaccine wasted by mistake. About 15 million doses of Johnson & Johnson’s (J&J) Covid-19 vaccine were mistakenly wasted at a plant in Baltimore, which could delay vaccination in the United States, according to the New York Times.

07h05 – Remember:

07h00 – Good Morning! Here we start a new AO MINUTE so that you can follow all the incidents related to the new coronavirus. To recall yesterday’s registration yesterday, Click here.

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