Pope cites Shakespeare in appeal against environmental destruction

Pope Francis adapted a famous quote from “Hamlet“by Shakespeare, in an appeal for people not to remain blind to the destruction of the environment and the mass migration it can cause, writing:” See or not see, that is the question. “ebc.gif?w=696&ssl=1

Francisco also asked people to work together to protect “creation, our common home” and not to “withdraw” into individualism. The appeal was made in the preface to a document from the Vatican Development Office for the Pastoral Care of People Displaced by Climate Events.

“I suggest that we adapt Hamlet’s famous ‘to be or not to be’ and say: ‘to see or not to see, that is the question!’ This starts with the vision of each one, yes, mine and yours “, wrote Francisco.

“We will not come out of crises such as the climate and the covid-19, withdrawing into individualism, but only ‘being many together’, through meeting, dialogue and cooperation,” he added in the preface to the 30-page study released on Tuesday (30).

Conservatives of the Catholic Church, many aligned with political forces, are skeptical about climate change and contest the majority scientific opinion that global warming is caused mainly by man.

“When people are expelled because their local environment becomes uninhabitable, it can seem like a process of nature, something inevitable. But often the deteriorating climate is the result of bad choices and destructive activity, selfishness and neglect, which place humanity in shock with creation, our common home. ”

* With information from Philip Pullella – Reuters Reporter


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