Four died after a shooting incident in California

The shooting took place at 5.30pm local time, just over 50 miles south of Los Angeles. In addition to the four killed, one person has been sent to hospital.

The suspected perpetrator has also been sent to hospital after being shot by police, writes the New York Times.

Police moved out to an office building after reports of gunfire. When the emergency services arrived, shots were still fired, and the police discovered several victims.

The mass shooting took place in an office building just over 50 kilometers south of Los Angeles. Photo: Patrick T. Fallon / AFP

The police can not yet provide further details about the victims or the background of the shooting episode, but indicate that a police officer was involved.

“It’s a tragedy for the victims, our families, our community and the police,” said Lieutenant Jennifer Amat, Orange County police spokeswoman.

“Terrible and heartbreaking,” California Gov. Gavin Newsom wrote on Twitter.

The incident comes shortly after mass shootings in both Atlanta and Boulder, which claimed eight and ten lives respectively.

“I am devastated by the news of a mass shooting in Orange County, and I have the victims and their relatives in mind while we wait for more information,” California Congresswoman Katie Porter wrote.


The case is being updated.


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