News, Nittedal | Ringnes is emptied of soft drinks in the shops: – Never been so great demand

March was one big record month for the brewery company, with an estimated seven percent more sales than the previous record from June last summer.

– It is quite unique that you set a record in a winter month, when summer is the high season. This has been absolutely fantastic, and much of the reason is probably the situation we are in, and that the border with Sweden is closed, says communications manager in Ringnes, Nicolay Bruusgaard, to Nettavisen.

But the huge demand has also gone beyond the availability in some places. Several consumers have noticed that there has been a lack of two of Ringnes’ most popular soft drinks, Pepsi Max and Solo.

– The last thing I heard was that the Pepsi Max and Solo deliveries are on schedule, but if it hangs in some places I can not say for sure. From what I have heard, the products are flying out of the stores now, Bruusgaard explains about the sale.

Full shifts

And with red days and closed shop doors on the stairs, Ringnes must stand up to have the popular soft drink variants delivered to the masses.

– We run full shifts, and produce as much as we can, and then this shows how much border trade means. There are significant quantities of our products that are traded in Sweden when it is open there, but which are now instead bought in Norwegian stores. This is something you should notice when the situation after each other normalizes, the communications manager believes.

Bruusgaard hopes consumers will be able to get hold of both Pepsi Max and Solo also during Easter, when the stores reopen on Easter evening.

– If it is sold out somewhere, you should be able to get it in the neighboring store, he thinks.

Record sales, on the other hand, have been at the expense of the smaller products in the Ringnes range, and Bruusgaard confirms that it has had to be prioritized.

– Some of the smaller variants, such as Villa and sugary Pepsi, can suffer a bit when you have to prioritize the large products. This was about to take hold now, and I also expect that most stores will be filled up with these variants, says the communications manager.

– Must prioritize

He adds that the last thing he heard was that during this week you should make up for lost time, but that it still varies from store to store.

– Some have been refilled, while others have not. We can not guarantee that it has not become empty again, for Solo and Pepsi Max there are many who are happy, and then it goes on demand. We must prioritize the varieties that most people want, Bruusgaard emphasizes.

Solo in particular, which is widely sold in the form of the original with sugar and the Super variant without, is of great interest in the weeks before and during Easter.

– Solo is the number one Easter soda, and 25 percent of the volumes are sold in the Easter week and in the three weeks before. There is still insane interest, despite the restrictions, which obviously indicates that people want Easter to be yellow anyway, he says, adding that they expect new sales records for both Solo and Pepsi Max.

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