revelation tea flight ends in tragedy and two people die

An acrobatic flight to reveal the sex of a baby ended in tragedy this Tuesday (March 30) in Cancún, Mexico. The plane crashed and the two occupants of the aircraft died when they fell into the sea.

From a boat, the couple, family and friends watched the presentation. A video that circulates on social media shows the celebration of the lovebirds just before the accident.

See the moment of the accident:

The Cessna plane, which was leased from Xomex, performed aerobatics before the announcement. In the images, it is possible to hear the guests enthusiastically exclaiming: “It’s a girl!”, While the aircraft flew above the ocean.

Shortly after, the aircraft fell into the water. Pilot and co-pilot were pulled from the sea by a rescue team, but they did not resist, according to a report in the Mexican newspaper Debate.


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