Fadime: – Swedish honor killing becomes a drama series

Fadime: – Swedish honor killing becomes a drama series
Fadime: – Swedish honor killing becomes a drama series

On January 21, Swedish Fadime Sahindal was killed by her father – allegedly because she wanted to marry a Swedish man. The father received life imprisonment for the honor killing.

Now Fadime’s life story becomes a Viaplay series.

– Fadime as a name is known to many, but not so many know her entire story. It is more important than ever to tell, not least for a younger audience, says Leif Ericksson who was Fadime’s lawyer in a press release.

The series is based on real events, police investigations and the documentary “You are going to die” written by Fadime’s lawyer Leif Ericksson and author Ulf Broberg.

Twelve years ago, his sister was killed by their father. Last night he was shot by police.

– Difficult and important

Throughout the production process, a number of experts will be available, through an ethics council consisting of twelve people, for consultation on honor-related issues.

– Fadime is one of the most difficult and important stories we have tackled so far at Viaplay, and it is a great responsibility to tell about her life story. She has been a role model for many, and unfortunately her tragic end is just as relevant today, says content manager in NENT Group, Filippa Wallestam in the press release and continues:

– By depicting Fadime’s life in recent years, we hope to be able to put a new focus on honor-related violence and remind a new generation of Fadime’s history and pay tribute to her fight for equal rights.

The filming of “Fadime” begins this summer and will be a Viaplay Original of six episodes produced by Storyfire. The series premieres on Nordic Entertainment Group’s streaming service Viaplay for all markets in 2022 – 20 years after Fadime was killed.

In 2002, Fadime was killed by his father. Now the police believe a relative has committed another honor killing

Sat free

In 2018, Uppsala Nya Tidning reported that Fadime Sahindal’s father had been released.

The 72-year-old was first sentenced to life in prison. In November 2012, the case came up again. This time to time the length of the life sentence. The sentence was set at 24 years, but after serving two-thirds of the sentence, the father was released.

In January 2002, 26-year-old Fadime Sahindal was shot twice in the head. According to the verdict, the motive for the murder was the shame Fadime inflicted on the family for having an affair with a Swedish man.

Fadime received a lot of attention in Sweden after she went out in the media and shared her own family history and condemned honor-related violence.

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