George Floyd – Broke in court

NEW YORK (Dagbladet): Former police officer Derek Chauvin (45) is charged with murder after Floyd lost his life when he was arrested on May 25 last year. The case sparked violent national and international reactions and Black Lives Matter demonstrations. Video images show how Chauvin presses his knee against the neck of Floyd who is lying on the ground. Floyd begs and says he can not breathe, but Chauvin keeps his grip.

Policeman escapes prosecution: – Extremely disappointed

After the incident, he was fired. If convicted, he faces up to 40 years in prison.

The first three days of the trial in Minneapolis, Minnesota have included many witnesses to the incident. Several have in strong words described the brutal incident and expressed great guilt that they failed to stop it.

WORRIED: 911 operator Jena Scurry is among the witnesses in the trial against former police officer Derek Chauvin. He is accused of killing George Floyd during an arrest last year. Scurry had access to live surveillance footage of the arrest, and reacted to what she saw. Video: AP / NTB. Reporter: Marie Røssland
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– Tried to help

Charles MacMillian was one of the witnesses to the prosecution on Wednesday. He talked to Floyd while Floyd lay on the ground below Chauvin’s knee.

– Get up and get in the police car. You can not win, he told Floyd.

Policeman: – Heck so much oxygen

Floyd replies that he can not get up.

“I tried to help him,” MacMillian said in a very emotional testimony.

He told how he tried to get Floyd to cooperate with the police. When MacMillian and the court saw a video of MacMillian’s conversation with Floyd, he broke down in tears, writes The Guardian.

Several of the prosecution’s witnesses tell of how outrageous they experienced the situation.

ACCUSED: Former police officer Derek Chauvin during the arrest of George Floyd. He is now on trial for murder. Photo: Pool via REUTERS
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– Something was wrong

One of them was Jena Scurry, who works for the emergency center. She was the one who first sent the police to the scene because Floyd had allegedly bought cigarettes with a fake banknote.

She then followed the situation from a surveillance camera.

“My instinct said something was wrong,” Scurry told the court, according to the BBC.

Called the police on their own staff

She described how she thought the TV picture she was watching had frozen because the policeman was sitting with Floyd’s knee for so long.

She perceived the situation as so serious that she called a superior to report what she saw.

The store employee, from whom Floyd bought cigarettes, Christopher Martin (19), also expressed guilt.

– If I had not accepted that banknote, this could have been avoided, he said in court.

In court, he said that Floyd appeared to be under the influence of drugs, but that he was not threatening. Martin described him as “friendly and welcoming”.

– I felt disbelief and guilt, Martin answered what he was thinking when he saw the arrest of Floyd.

MINNEAPOLIS: A new video filmed from a different angle shows that there were three policemen holding George Floyd down on the ground.
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– Witness murder

Another witness, the professional MMA fighter Donald Williams (33), who was a customer of the store, Cup Foods, where Floyd bought cigarettes.

– I called the police against the police. I mean, I witnessed a murder. I felt it was necessary to call the police against the police, he said in his emotional testimony.

Genevieve Hansen (27) works for the fire department in Minneapolis and is also a trained ambulance worker. She was free and happened to pass by the place where Floyd was arrested.

– When I got closer, there was a woman on the other side of the street who shouted that they were killing him. I was worried about seeing a man in handcuffs, who did not move, and who had the entire body weight of a policeman over him and a crowd that was upset, Hansen said.

Refser police response


She then tells how she begged the cops to check Floyd’s pulse and start resuscitation.

– If you really work for the fire department in Minneapolis, you would know better than to mix it, one of the police officers must have told her, according to the diploma.

Chauvin’s defense attorney asked her if the crowd had been “upset or angry.”

– I do not know if you have seen anyone killed, but it is outrageous, Hansen replied.

Several minor witnesses, including a girl who filmed the most famous video from the incident, also tell how desperate they were about the police’s behavior.

More videos

The court also saw several videos from the fateful day showing people at the scene loudly demanding that Chauvin remove his knee from Floyd’s throat.

Chauvin’s defenders, however, claim that it was the angry mob that contributed to a situation that the police perceived as threatening. But the video that has been shown so far has not shown any threats to the police.

The three other police officers, who were involved in the incident, are scheduled to have an appetizer later this year.

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