Chile lives full of cases and few are isolated – News

Chile lives full of cases and few are isolated – News
Chile lives full of cases and few are isolated – News

Chilean health officials announced on Wednesday (31) that the rate of PCR tests that tested positive for covid-19 was 13.8%, the highest in the country since the first peak of the pandemic, in July last year, and showed concern about the poor compliance with the quarantine in force in the capital, Santiago, since Saturday.

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Many cars, people walking in large numbers on the streets and long lines in the stores of basic necessities were some of the images of the last days in the Chilean capital, which led the Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, to reiterate the need to comply with restrictions Sanitary.

“It seems that there were no quarantines, we must be aware of the issue of licenses. We sincerely believe that we have to be tougher,” said the minister.

Second wave spreads

The second wave of the pandemic, which began in December with the arrival of summer, worsened in March after the holidays, and now more than 83% of the population is under total quarantine, including the capital, where more than 7 million live. of people and all commercial establishments and non-essential services remain closed.

The rapid spread of the virus, stimulated by the arrival of variants from abroad, such as the British and the Brazilian, pushed the hospital system to the limit, and the national occupation of beds in intensive care units (ICU) reached 95%, the highest level until today.

In the last 24 hours, there were 6,053 new cases of the disease transmitted by the new coronavirus and 28 deaths. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 995,538 people have been infected and 23,135 have died from covid-19.

At the height of the second wave, the country’s parliament is discussing the postponement of the elections from April 10 and 11 to May 15 and 16, a proposal with which health experts agree.

A new batch of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine of almost 360,000 doses arrived in the country on Wednesday, adding to the more than 12 million doses that Chile has already received, mostly from the Chinese laboratory Sinovac (CoronaVac), with the goal of reaching 35 million by 2021.

Although the country is carrying out one of the fastest and most successful vaccination processes in the world – it has already inoculated more than 6.5 million people and is the third with the highest percentage of vaccinated population – the government has not been able to prevent the spread of the virus.

Experts from the Colegio Médico (Colmed), an organization that brings together Chilean doctors, pointed to an overconfidence of the government due to the rapid progress of the immunization process, which would have led the population to let their guard down during the summer season.

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