Donald Trump – New details on “bad notes”

Donald Trump – New details on “bad notes”
Donald Trump – New details on “bad notes”

Back in 2019, Donald Trump’s press chief, Stephanie Grisham, claimed that the Obama administration left bad notes on Trump’s political team. Among other things, one of them is said to have been found taped to the inside of a cupboard door. The notes were found after Obama moved out of the White House, said Grisham, who called it all pathetic.

– We arrived at the White House and all the offices were filled with Obama books and there were leaflets saying “you will fail” and “you will not make it”, Grisham said in an interview with a local radio station.

WEDDING: On Saturday, March 27, former President Donald Trump once again captured a place in the spotlight, but in a slightly different way this time. Reporter: Jeanette N. Vik. Video: NTB, AP, TMZ
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Lightens the veil

CNN journalist Abby D. Phillip was one of those who passed on the statements

, and the reactions from the Obama camp were not long in coming. Accusations of lying hailed, wrote, among others, Business Insider.

In a surprising twist, comedian Dave Chappelle can lighten the veil on what really happened during a humid night in Washington DC a few years ago.

FAMOUS: Actor and comedian Dave Chappelle photographed during the Toronto International Film Festival in connection with the premiere of the film “A Star is Born”. Photo: NTB
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In a conversation with supermodel Naomi Campbell, they reminisce about a party the Obama couple held just before the presidency was over. According to Campbell, the dance floor was of the legendary kind.

– It was a beautiful evening, and one of the last big parties for “The Obamas”, Chappelle answers Campbell about 13 minutes into an episode of her YouTube series “Naomi without filter”

Celebrities hid notes

Chappelle goes on to say that he forgot his identification, which he describes as “fy fy” when you go into the United States’ holiest, but that the Secret Service agents let him in anyway.

He continues:

– I remember I laughed a lot at the news that the Trump administration said that the Obama team left a lot of dirty notes in drawers and cabinets. No no. I saw what happened. I do not want to say who, but there were celebrities at that party who wrote a lot of madness on notes and left them everywhere. I saw them do it, says Chappelle.

– Do you remember when Obama went up to bed, but came back because the music was so good, Campbell asks.

– He came down, the dance floor split like the Red Sea, and then he started dabbing, Chappelle says.


“Dab” or “dabbing” is a kind of dance movement that became an international trend around 2015. The rap trio Migos from the USA has received much of the credit for re-establishing dabbing as contemporary, but the dance stage has been in Japanese popular culture for decades, according to Wikipedia. It is also pointed out that the superstar Michael Jackson dubbed in the extended music video for Smooth Criminal in 1988, but that he is rarely credited as the author.

JOKES: During the royal couple’s 80th birthday celebration, the prince entertained the audience with his own show. Video: NTB Scanpix
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A dab is done by repeatedly “dipping” the head in the arm hook while the opposite arm is stretched up and out to the side. In this country, the dance stage’s perhaps most famous representative is Crown Prince Sverre Magnus, who dabbled on the castle balcony in 2017.

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