Man flew from Australia to Los Angeles locked in a wooden box – Dagsavisen

Man flew from Australia to Los Angeles locked in a wooden box – Dagsavisen
Man flew from Australia to Los Angeles locked in a wooden box – Dagsavisen

In 1965, Brian was a teenager working for Victorian Railways in Australia. The Welshman was deeply unhappy, writes the BBC, and desperate to return home. But because the monthly salary of 30 pounds a month was not enough for a plane ticket, he asked two friends for help. The journey was risky and life-threatening.

For how can one transport oneself from Australia to Europe, if one cannot afford a seat on the plane? For Brian, it was about thinking outside the box – and he came up with the idea of ​​posting a wooden box. He was supposed to be inside the wooden box himself, but he needed assistance to get the package sent.

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Had to convince friends

In Australia, Brian had become acquainted with the two Irishmen Paul and John. The first names may send the memories of another legendary duo from the 60’s, but these two worked together with Brian at Victorian Railways. When he presented the idea to them, they were not sold right away – instead, they thought he had gone completely crazy.

– John was fully involved, but Paul did not want to do it at all, Brian recalls to the BBC. But after a week, both were convinced it was a good idea. The two companions placed Brian in a wooden box the size of a refrigerator, where he could barely move. With him on the trip he got some pillows, a flashlight and two bottles. One was for drinking water, the other for when the drinking water was to go out again.

The trip itself turned out not to be of the complicated kind. First, the plane landed in Sydney, where the box was left with «this way up»-side down – which led to the young Brian lying upside down for 22 hours, with loss of consciousness and great pain as a result.

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“What’s going on there?”

The plane took off again, and when he ended up at a freight reception after five days at the checkout, he was sure that he had finally arrived in London. His body was freezing cold, and when he was about to pick up the flashlight, it slipped out of his fingers.

– I heard voices say: «What’s going on there?» That was when I realized that they did not speak with an English accent, they had an American accent.

That the mail can take its time is an old cliché. And Brian Robson had not ended up in London after almost a week at the box office, but Los Angeles. He was found, and the authorities stepped up.

– An hour later, hell broke loose. The FBI, the CIA, the airport security staff, an ambulance, Robson told the BBC. He was taken to hospital and then sent home to Britain. This time chopped more comfortably.

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Have not met the assistants since

Brian was inspired by another man, who in 1964 got himself posted from England to Australia. Today he himself thinks it was stupidity. At the end of April, he publishes a book about the incredible journey, and hopes that the two conspirators will make a sound.

– If I meet them again, I would like to apologize for getting them involved, and that I missed them when I got home, he says, and adds:

– I was going to buy them a drink.

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