Mitch McConnell: – – Did not say it very artistically

Mitch McConnell: – – Did not say it very artistically
Mitch McConnell: – – Did not say it very artistically

On Tuesday, Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell took a hard line, warning companies such as Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines after the companies criticized Georgia’s new election law.

“It’s pretty stupid to throw yourself into a very controversial topic,” McConnell said when he met with the press in his home state of Kentucky on Tuesday.

– The Republicans also drink Coca-Cola, and we take planes and we like baseball, he continued according to The Hill.

McConnell also said that the criticism of the new election law “irritates the helsike’s many Republican fans”.

Criticized new law

– Like an eight-year-old

The warning from the powerful senator came after companies such as Coca-Cola, the airline Delta, and the baseball league Major League Baseball criticized the new election law in Georgia.

The Election Act limits the voter’s ability to vote in advance. Among other things, they will be required in the future to present identification with a photo in order for such ballot papers to be accepted. Restrictions are also placed on providing food or drink to voters queuing outside polling stations, and these polling stations are now banned from taking breaks while counting banknotes.

SKIN BRAINS TRUMP: During Saturday’s hearing in the Supreme Court case, the leader of the minority in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, made it clear what he thinks about the storming of Capitol Hill and Donald Trump.
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The law has led to great dissatisfaction, and both companies such as Coca-Cola and the airline Delta have criticized it.

– Would keep me away

– They have the right to participate in the political process. But if I had run a large company, I would stay away from politics, McConnell warned the companies on Tuesday.

He also asked the companies not to “be threatened by the left”.

Now, however, McConnell goes back to parts of what he said.

Turns after the war of words

– I did not say it very artistically yesterday. They have an absolute right to be involved in politics. They are. My complaint to CEOs is that they should read the pissed off bill. They were intimidated into having an interpretation of the law given by the Georgia Democrats to get it their way, McConnell told a news conference in Kentucky on Wednesday, according to The Hill.

– Unacceptable

SUPPORTS TRUMP: Top Republican Mitch McConnell supports Donald Trump’s allegations of electoral fraud, according to CBS News.
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US President Joe Biden is also among those who have stated that the changes in the law are contrary to American values.

Georgia’s Republican administration minister, Brad Raffensperger, has also warned that the development is marked by urgency.

As mentioned, the companies Coca-Cola and the airline Delta have the same.

Coca-Cola boss James Quincey has told CNBC that the law is unacceptable and “a step back”, according to Forbes. In a statement last week, he also said he wants to be crystal clear and stated that companies are disappointed.

– Potential poison pill

– Voting is a fundamental right in America and we have long worked to make it easier to vote.

– It is clear that the law contains parts that will make it difficult for many underrepresented voters, especially black voters, to exercise their constitutional right to elect their representatives. That is wrong, said Ed Bastian, head of the airline Delta.

Soda blister on request

COMEBACK: Former US President Donald Trump says he is considering running for president in 2024. “I may be running to beat them a third time,” Trump said. Photo: NTB / CPAC
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President Donald Trump, for his part, has issued a boycott call for Coca-Cola, among others, after the company criticized the new law.

Two days later, however, Trump made headlines when he and his former adviser Stephen Miller posted a picture of the two together at Trump’s office in Florida, with the text “just had a great meeting with President Trump!”.

What made headlines was that what many believe was a glass bottle from Coca-Cola on his desk.

The state of Georgia was at the center of Trump’s accusations that he lost this autumn’s presidential election against Joe Biden due to election fraud, after Biden won the state by a narrow margin. There was also an additional round of elections in Georgia that gave the Democrats a majority in the Washington Senate.

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