This is how Biden will get rid of the “ghost weapons”

In the United States, every American is basically guaranteed the right to own a firearm.

In total, it is estimated that there are 393 million firearms distributed among the American population, which means that the USA is the country with the most weapons per capita in the world.

And that it is overflowing with weapons in the United States is not without its problems. Violence with firearms has only escalated in the country in recent years. Not in decades have more Americans died in shooting episodes than in 2020.

President Joe Biden has promised to address the issue. He went to the polls to tighten the gun front – to overcome the violence. And on Thursday he will announce the first moves.

Allowed to make homemade weapons

In order to obtain weapons legally, they must then line up in a licensed arms shop. For a store to sell weapons in the United States, it must have a federal firearms license and only traceable weapons are sold legally.

There you go through a background check. In practice, this means that the arms buyer must fill in a form, and the person is then checked against a database with an overview of scrolls or other possible “red flags”.

The background check system used varies slightly from state to state, but in more than 30 states, only the FBI (NICS) system takes care of that.

In a few minutes, the gun shop gets an answer if there is anything against the person being allowed to buy a gun. Since the most widely used system NICS was introduced in 1998, the system has accounted for over 300 million background checks, of which only around 1.5 million have been rejected.

As most of it has become available via the internet, sales of weapons and weapon parts have also increased in the United States.

As a result, the circulation of home-made weapons – without traceable serial numbers – has increased sharply. 3D-printed weapons have also become more widespread in the United States in recent years.

National legislation does not prevent Americans from making weapons for personal use. Only a license is required to conduct sales. however, there are state rules in several states that are somewhat stricter, but roughly speaking, it is free.

Want “ghost weapons” for life

As early as Wednesday, reports began to leak from various media in the United States about what Biden is expected to present on Thursday regarding weapons regulations.

One of the main points in Biden’s first step towards a stricter weapons policy has to do with the so-called “ghost weapons”, or non-traceable weapons.

USA: Homemade weapons have become a widespread problem in the USA and in several mass shootings such weapons have been used. Photo: Haven Daley / AP

According to CNN, it is expected that the president will announce austerity measures regarding the sale of pistol stabilizing parts.

During several mass shootings, parts bought on the internet have been mounted on pistols, so that in practice they are a rifle. Most recently in March, a 21-year-old man killed 10 people when he started firing at a supermarket with such a modified pistol.

Will nominate new weapons chief

Another step in Biden’s weapons plan is to nominate David Chipman as the new head of the Agency for Alcohol, Tobacco, Weapons and Explosives (ATF). Several American media outlets – among them NBC News – write that they have been informed by sources in the White House.

He is a lawyer with gun violence as a special field, and has previously worked in ATF.

But that Chipman for that reason is approved in the Senate is thus not said for sure. The previous head of the agency elected through the Senate was Todd Jones, but he resigned in 2015. Today’s acting head is Regina Lombardo, who was appointed by Donald Trump.

THE PRESIDENT’S MAN: If Biden gets what he wants, David Chipman will be the new head of the Agency for Alcohol, Tobacco, Weapons and Explosives (ATF). Photo: Andrew Harnik / AP / NTB

According to the channel, Biden will also request an arms trade report from the Ministry of Justice, which has not been done since the year 2000.

Another measure that the president will reportedly announce is to invest in local prevention groups working on the issue.

In addition, work is being done to develop a model that makes it easier to notify potential people who are considered to pose a risk of injuring themselves or others with the help of firearms. And to be able to confiscate the weapons of these risk persons temporarily.

In February, Biden asked Congress to study several reforms. Among them was a ban on the sale of automatic weapons, a review of the background check system and an end to criminal immunity for weapons manufacturers.


Many Democrats have called for the president to take action on the weapons front to deal with the problem of mass shootings for the United States.

One might think that all the coronary restrictions would have an effect on the statistics for deaths in the United States in 2020, and it did, but in the wrong direction.

In 2020, nearly 20,000 Americans were shot and killed in the United States. Not in several decades have more people been shot and killed in the country.

In addition, 24,000 Americans died by suicide with firearms in 2020.

This year alone, there have been three major shootings in Georgia, Colorado and California where several have been killed.

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