Girl with Down syndrome is successful combing her sister – Virtz

Kalista Hesch, 19, invited her younger sister, Worthy Rigelsky, 11, to her pajama party on the eve of her birthday. During the festive moment, the younger sister decided to comb Kalista while being filmed for a future publication on TikTok.

“We sat in front of the camera with a trend song on TikTok; I pressed the record button and just let her do what she wanted and I didn’t think about it. The next day, I woke up on my birthday and saw that the video hit 1 million views, “said the older sister to a local newspaper.

The family, from San Antonio, in the United States, adopted Worthy, who has Down’s syndrome, from China when she was 5 years old. The younger sister loves to do makeup and hairstyles, and is making it big on social media using both her family’s hair to exercise her creativity and her pet dog.

Some videos with the girl’s tutorials reach more than 10 million views and are almost 2 million followers.


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