Ciudad del Este shopping center emptied because of fire

“This mall is a time bomb”, commented one of the volunteer firefighters who attended the event at the Shopping Jebai Center, in Ciudad del Este, where a short circuit caused a fire on the 5th floor, forcing the withdrawal of customers and employees, according to on-line coverage by Diário La Clave.

The fire started at about 2 pm on Wednesday, 7, and soon afterwards the volunteer firefighters appeared to answer, but at first there were problems installing the hose on one of the hydrants.

According to the report by La Clave, the mall is old and is very poorly maintained. The electrical cables and wiring in general, in addition to being old, are deteriorated, and the risk of fire is great, as the fireman himself commented.

In fact, those who pass behind the oldest commercial buildings in Ciudad del Este notice a jumble of electrical cables mixed with telephone and internet wiring.

Many merchants made employees stay in stores, for fear of looting. Print Screen

It is not the first time that a fire has occurred at the Jebai Center. In 2019, also due to a short circuit, around 10 stores on the 3rd floor were affected by the flames. Both that time and now, there was only material damage, with no victims.

It is not just the Jebai Center that is in this situation. In front of that mall, also in 2019 (but there were many others later), there was a fire at Hijazi Center Shopping.

According to the volunteer fire chief, in an interview with La Clave, store owners were more concerned about the damage caused by the fire to goods than to employees. Fearing looting, shopkeepers sought to keep employees inside stores on the other floors.

Although in precarious conditions, the mall houses stores that, in total, have 4 thousand employees.

The fire was extinguished around 3 pm, but firefighters continued to pump water to cool the entire floor where the fire occurred.

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