Benjamin Netanyahu is given a mandate to try to form a coalition government in Israel | World

By law, he will have 28 days to attract potential allies to form a majority coalition in Israel’s parliament.

That period may be extended for two further weeks. After that, President Reuven Rivlin can choose someone else to form a majority.

In Israel’s history, no one has been in power longer than Netanyahu. He has been prime minister since 2009.

However, in the past two years he has struggled to maintain a cohesive majority in Parliament.

So there have been four elections in the past two years. The last was on March 23.

The vote ended without an undisputed winning bloc.

On Monday, Rivlin then spoke to the Kneset parties and 52 deputies, the Israeli Parliament, recommended asking Netanyahu to form the next government.

Netanyahu’s right-wing party, Likud, won the largest number of seats in Parliament (30 out of 120) in the elections and received the support of the ultra-Orthodox parties and the extreme right “Religious Zionism”.

On the side of the anti-Netanyahu, determined to remove the longest-serving prime minister in Israel’s history from power, 45 deputies recommended the centrist Yair Lapid, leader of the Yesh Atid party.

Netanyahu is also the first head of government in the country’s history to face legal proceedings during his term. He is accused of corruption, fraud and abuse of trust in three cases. He denies all charges.

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