Former Adidas owner Bernard Tapie assaulted and tied up in his own home

Former Adidas owner Bernard Tapie assaulted and tied up in his own home
Former Adidas owner Bernard Tapie assaulted and tied up in his own home

The couple was asleep when the perpetrators entered through a window on the ground floor of their home in the suburb of Combs-la-Ville near Paris on Sunday night.

Bernard Tapie (78) was tied up in the back and placed in a chair, while the intruders beat him with a club.

Was pulled by the hair and suffered head injuries

“Where’s the treasure?” the four burglars allegedly screamed while pulling their spouse Dominique Tapie (70) by the hair.

Among other things, the thieves are said to have taken several valuable jewelery and two Rolex watches with them before they left the home, reports the BBC.

Dominique Tapie must have managed to get away while the thieves roamed the home. She ran over to the nearest neighbor and then called the police.

Both she and her husband are said to have suffered head injuries during the assault, and had to receive treatment in hospital.

Football, bicycle and newspaper

Bernard Tapie (78) is not just anyone, but has a past as owner of the sports giant Adidas. He has also been Minister for Urban Development in Francois Mitterrand’s government in 1992.

In the years 1986 to 1994, he was also president of the football club Marseille, which went all the way to the top of the Champions League during his presidency.

As the owner of the French chain of health product stores, La Vie Claire, he sponsored for several years one of the strongest cycling teams of all time, led by the legend Bernard Hinault, writes The Independent.

Tapie has also been the owner of the French newspaper La Provence, and also has a background as a TV host, radio host and actor.

Bankruptcy, corruption and tax fraud

The business must have caused personal problems. In the 1990s, he was declared bankrupt, and was later sentenced to five months in prison for tax fraud, corruption and misuse of the company’s assets. He was also deprived of the right to stand for election in France, writes Sky News.

Following a lawsuit in which Tapie was sentenced to repay huge sums after a legal dispute over the value of the Adidas group, the 78-year-old appealed the verdict. The case has so far been postponed as Tapie has been diagnosed with bowel cancer.

Following the attack, the well-known businessman has received greetings from, among others, French President Emmanuel Macron, Minister of Finance Bruno Le Maire and the far-right nationalist leader Marine Le Pen.

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