The trial against Swedish rap star is underway – VG

The trial against Swedish rap star is underway – VG
The trial against Swedish rap star is underway – VG

TILTALT: Yasin Abdullahi Mahamoud (23). Photo: Police

On Tuesday, the trial began against the Swedish rapper Yasin and what is perhaps the biggest remand trial in Sweden this year.

The case is being updated.

It writes Expressen which states that 30 people – several of whom are leaders in the criminal Vårbynettverket – are charged.

The indictment concerns, among other things, the preparation of attempted murder, serious drug offenses and serious violations of the Firearms Act.

Rapper Yasin Abdullahi Mahamoud (23) has been charged with complicity in the abduction of a rap colleague. According to Expressen’s reporter, the situation concerning Yasin will not come up until May 22, as there are so many tens and that the trial will probably not end until the second half of June.

Aftonbladet writes that the trial is expected to last for 35 days.

The rapper Yasin is one of Sweden’s most profiled and popular artists, and his music has been streamed millions of times.

VG has previously written that he and a former youth national team player in football together have tried to trick another rap star into an abduction trap, according to the indictment.

Must have abducted rap colleague

The plans are said to have involved abducting the victim, who is also one of Sweden’s biggest rap stars, from a studio in central Stockholm.

The victim instead went to another studio, and the plan was changed to abduct him from there, but the two got cold feet because they thought there was a lot of police out that night.

Instead, the victim was abducted and abused a few weeks later. Yasin is not accused of having participated in the abduction itself.

Expressen writes that two weeks ago, public prosecutor Anna Stråth filed charges after several months of investigating serious charges against gang criminals.

The evidence mainly consists of excerpts from the encrypted telephone network Encrochat, which was popular with criminals until a European police cooperation managed to infiltrate it and extract large amounts of information.

The Vårbyn network, the newspaper writes, has in recent years been a prominent power factor in Stockholm’s underworld. According to the police, the gang has been one of the largest players in the drug trade and is also linked, according to the police, to several acts of violence.

Infection control measures

28 of the 30 defendants are in custody.

Because of the many defendants and because the world is in the middle of a pandemic, the trial is taking place in several places.

– It would have been a disaster if there was an outbreak of infection, says judge Kian Moazzez Amraée, according to Aftonbladet. Amraée is also a councilor at Södertörn District Court, where you can follow the trial.

Expressen writes that eight people are in place in the security hall in the district court in Stockholm, four are sitting in a side hall to the security hall and another four are via a link from a security hall in the district court in Södertörn.

Expressen writes that public prosecutor Stråth goes through chat logs which she believes show how the appointed leader, who moved to Spain last year, managed the network’s finances from here in detail.

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