Navalny is hospitalized with breathing difficulties

ROME, APRIL 5 (ANSA) – Russian opponent Alexei Navalny was transferred from prison on Monday (5) to a medical center in the penitentiary system after experiencing breathing difficulties and fever amid an outbreak of tuberculosis in his ward.

The information was revealed by the Russian newspaper Izvestia and cited by other media.

The critic of President Vladimir Putin, 44, said he had a strong cough and a high temperature of 38 ° C, and that three of the 15 detainees in his cell are receiving hospital treatment for tuberculosis.

“If I have tuberculosis, it will expel the pain in my back and the numbness in my legs. That would be good,” he wrote on Instagram.

According to the publication, Navalny was also subjected to a test to detect Covid-19 to check for possible contamination, since the symptoms of the disease are similar.

The opponent, who has been detained in the prison colony in his home country since January 17, when he returned from Germany, went on a hunger strike on April 1 as a protest to receive adequate medical care.

“I continue the hunger strike to see my right to be seen by my trusted doctors respected,” said Navalny, who recently reported psychological tortures, such as systematic sleep deprivation by guards, substantial weight loss – at least 8 kg – and pain on the back and legs.

All complaints were attributed to the harsh conditions of detention and the lack of medical care. Navalny’s lawyers continue to make frequent visits and assist him in maintaining his publications on social media.


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