Donald Trump – – A provocateur

Donald Trump – – A provocateur
Donald Trump – – A provocateur

He was thrown out of several social media, including his beloved Twitter, in connection with the attack on Congress in early January.

It has also been claimed that former US President Donald Trump is working on launching his own social media platform, but this has not yet been launched.

Nevertheless, the resigned head of state manages to communicate with the outside world. Through a series of short statements sent from his new home in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, he communicates all the messages he wants to get to both like-minded people, opponents and journalists.

Arrested with “I was there” shirt

– Happy Easter

At Easter, Trump took the opportunity to send a small greeting.

– Happy Easter to EVERYONE, including the left-wing radical DEEDS who rigged the presidential election, and want to destroy our country, Trump wrote in a press release on the first day of Easter, according to The Guardian.

It has been thoroughly established that the presidential election was not rigged, but that Donald Trump lost, because his opponent Joe Biden received more votes than him.

– This is what Trump likes to do, namely to be a “pundit”. That is, to troll on social media and be a political commentator on TV. He is a provocateur, says US expert Hilmar Mjelde, researcher at the Norwegian Research Center (Norce) to Dagbladet.

This characterizes the entire Trump presidency, Mjelde believes.

– He was not interested in the actual work tasks, he just loved the platform the presidency gave him, he says and adds:

– Trump’s appeal was not that he was a great political thinker who inspired a great popular movement. He was and is a political entertainer. He has no ideology or issues he is passionate about, says Mjelde.

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– Could not have said it better

The e-mail statements do not get as much impact as his Twitter messages once did.

Among those who registered that they had received Trump’s Easter greeting was New York Times journalist Kenneth Vogel.

– Jesus could not have said it better himself, Vogel writes on Twitter.

A few hours after he sent out his Easter attack on the left, he tried again. This time the statement sounded simply “Happy Easter”.

Politically relevant

US expert and Civita adviser Eirik Løkke believes that such statements are an expression that Trump wants to communicate to supporters that he is still politically relevant.

– First and foremost, he wants to share exactly what he has on his mind, completely unfiltered. In that way, one should always be careful about interpreting Trump’s statements as an expression of something that is very strategic, or very well thought out, he says.

Løkke believes that Trump “certainly” will have an impact among his own with his statements.

– Shooting at radical forces – both imaginary and real – is something that is popular among Republican voters. In that way, Trump also makes it more difficult for Republicans who want a milder approach to the Democrats and are even open to more cooperation, he says.

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Hundreds charged

Both before, during and after the election, Trump has claimed that Biden cheated, and that it was actually he who won the election. This culminated in hundreds of Trump supporters entering the Congress building in connection with the formal approval of the January 6 election result.

Police, public prosecutors and the federal police FBI have issued charges and charges against several hundred people who they believe were among those who entered the building.

These are charged with a number of different offenses, including burglary, assault and obstruction of congressional work.

The situation turned upside down

Conspiracy theory

– Trump will whine about the election in 2020 as long as he lives, and claim that he won. Whether he actually believes in it himself is difficult to know, says US expert and Civita adviser Eirik Løkke.

Trump’s attack on democracy has in all cases led to millions of conservative voters now “believing in the insane conspiracy theory” that Trump was robbed of the election, Løkke believes.

– For the former president of the United States, these voters are a great resource, and which he can use to mobilize politically, either through a new attempt to become the Republican presidential candidate in 2024, or by influencing who the Republicans will run in various elections.

Sent sms to brother before the attack

Springboard to become a celebrity

Mjelde agrees, and does not believe that Trump will ever accept that he lost the election.

– For Trump, it is that he “wins” only something axiomatic. That is, something self-evident that does not need proof. He will never, never, never accept that he demonstrably lost the election, says Mjelde.

He believes that Trump is symptomatic of a huge problem in American politics.

– Politicians like Trump and Matt Gaetz see political positions as a platform and springboard to become a celebrity. Politics is purely performative for them. This is «policeainment». Then you also get politicians who do not know their job, which is really to govern the country in a competent way. It requires completely different skills than being bajas on TV, says Mjelde.

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