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A comprehensive review in the New York Times on Sunday showed that Donald Trump’s election campaign used pre-marked fields and indistinct designs in emails to his supporters to raise money.

Several of those who chose to donate money to the campaign therefore did not realize that they said yes to repeated donations. In that way, Trump is said to have defrauded millions of dollars from ignorant supporters.

Several of Trump’s supporters are said to have demanded money back, and during 2020 the campaign therefore had to refund 122 million dollars, equivalent to about 1 billion Norwegian kroner, to people who donated money online, according to the newspaper’s review.

In comparison, the Biden campaign reimbursed 21 million dollars, corresponding to around 179 million kroner.

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– Massive threat

Monday night Norwegian time, however, Trump rejects all accusations, and calls The New York Times’ article “misleading” and “one-sided”. He claims that all donations were received legally.

“Our support in 2020 was so great that it has become a massive threat to the Democratic Party, which explains why The New York Times rushed to defend their radical left-wing allies,” said a statement from the Trump camp.

– In fact, many were so enthusiastic that they gave donations again and again, and in some cases where they gave too much, we returned the donations.

Trump claims that the newspaper “hid” such details. He also reiterates that he lost the presidential election due to widespread electoral fraud. This despite the fact that he has not presented any documentation on this. On the contrary, the erroneous claim has been flatly rejected in court after court.

Tens of millions

As the presidential election approached, the Trump campaign is said to have made the declaration of responsibility even less visible. However, Trump lost the election by more than seven million votes. The Electoral College lost by 232 votes to Biden’s 306.

But even after the election defeat, the election campaign organization continued to collect the weekly sums of money from people who had left the pre-marked fields standing.

Until December 14, Trump thus raised tens of millions of dollars for the political action committee, Save America.

The situation turned upside down

Refunded money

In total, Trump reimbursed 10.7 percent of the money he received through WinRed, while Biden refunded 2.2 percent of the money he received through the Democrats’ equivalent organization, ActBlue, according to public documents.

Trump spokesman Jason Miller says internal records show that credit card disputes have been formally registered in 0.87 percent of transactions on WinRed.

– The fact that we have a dissertation rate of less than 1 percent of the total number of donations, even though we have collected more grassroots money than any other campaign in history, is remarkable, he says.

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