Netflix series is perfect for fans who LOVE suspense

Netflix series is perfect for fans who LOVE suspense
Netflix series is perfect for fans who LOVE suspense
Based on the work of writer Harlan Coben, Don’t Talk to Strangers is a thriller miniseries that can satisfy thrillers on Netflix.

Launched in 2020, the production was successful in the debut season, but ended up being forgotten. Thus, the miniseries is one of the hidden productions in the catalog that can be a pleasant surprise.

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The Netflix series follows the format of the stories written by Harlan Coben: A stranger appears to the protagonist and brings mysteries about a close person. This secret involves death, blackmail and betrayal of all kinds.

Written and produced by Danny Brocklehurst, Don’t Talk to Strangers has eight episodes. We’ll talk more about the Netflix mystery below.

In Don’t Talk to Strangers, we have the protagonist Adam Price (Richard Armitage), a lawyer who finds out through a “Stranger” (Hannah John-Kamen) that his wife pretended to be pregnant and had an abortion years ago.

The revelation makes him question the marriage, as well as the paternity of his two children. Soon after, Adam’s wife, Corinne (Dervla Kirwan), disappears, causing several investigations, led by Johanna Griffin (Siobhan Finneran) to start.

This is where the mystery of Don’t Talk to Strangers unfolds with mastery. Throughout its eight episodes, the Netflix series manages to keep the viewer on the edge of the sofa, bringing several twists to the plot.

Yes, not all the twists are so interesting, but the Netflix series at least manages to get the viewer interested. It’s almost impossible to stop watching Don’t Talk to Strangers without being curious about the end of the plot.

For those who like suspense series, Don’t Talk to Strangers is a great choice. Anyone who is a fan of the work of the writer Harlan Coben, or books of the genre, will be delighted to see the whole unfolding of this story.

Don’t Talk to Strangers is available on Netflix.

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