Spanish women filmed urinating on the street go to court after exposure on porn sites | World

On Sunday (4), a demonstration took hundreds of people to the center of San Cibrao, in Galicia, after a lower court decided to close the case.

Even with the filing, the Galician Public Ministry launched an investigation and said it considered that the capture and dissemination of the images had a “humiliating and vexing character”.

The images would have been recorded in August 2019, during the Maruxaina party, a kind of off-season Carnival. Among the records, there would also be videos of minors.

A spokeswoman for the women’s group said in an interview with France Presse that they will continue to fight for the videos to be deleted.

“We will not stop as long as the videos continue to be published on these sites and there are people who continue to profit,” said Paloma Maseda Díaz.

Maseda claims that the authors of the filming are professionals and that more than one camera was placed at points known to be used as bathrooms – by men and women – during the party.

Only the videos with the women were released.

The court’s decision to file was released on March 15, and the judge found that there was no crime since the images were recorded on public roads.

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